Stephen Spann: Why hunting is on the decline |

Stephen Spann: Why hunting is on the decline

Stephen Spann

You will most likely find a very significant drop in hunting and fishing in the future because not only private land is mostly out of reach, but most of the public land roads are now closed unless you have enough money to get horses or can afford a guide with camp and horses to retrieve game. I have hunted for 55 years except for my years in the military and college. I am bow hunting this year and can only go every other day as I am really whipped from the hike in and out. And since my area is such that even us old farts only draw every two years at best, I expect my years are nearly done, and my kids also find it hard to access the hunting areas.

Have you ever pulled a big elk out 2 or more miles in five to six pieces in tough terrain? Well you get the point. With a significant drop in access in high population territory, not only to hunt and retrieve game, there will be a large increase in animal population. Remember Yellowstone in the 1950s? Germany has solved the problem by closing all public hunting and using government hunters to cull the herds. Life is full of choices and choices have consequences. I hope the future is in good hands, but from my view and experience; it is not headed in the right direction.