Steve Biagiotti: Loud deck in Dillon |

Steve Biagiotti: Loud deck in Dillon

Steve Biagiotti

Help, we own a condo in Dillon and have for more than eight years. We live across the street from the new deck built by Adriano’s restaurant, complete with a loud sound system that they wind up every night around 5:30 p.m. and turn off whenever they feel like it. We have tried unsuccessfully to deal with the loud music through proper channels, with no success. I am a senior citizen who is supposed to have diminished hearing.

I have called the Dillon Police with a noise complaint most every night since they started last Wednesday. I have talked to the Dillon Police officer on duty when I call and have been told that the decibel meter does not exceed the 65 db limit at their property line set by the town, yet from several hundred feet away from their deck, we hear not only the music but the words to the music. I have spoken personally to Mayor Ron Holland who told me Adriano’s had asked for a permit to play mood music on their deck. We have asked the Dillon chief of police, the Dillon community service officer, and called Adriano’s, to no avail.

We have requested Adriano’s to please turn the music down just a couple of octaves, but most times I register a noise complaint, it appears they just turn it up louder.

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