Steve Gauss: Typical liberal |

Steve Gauss: Typical liberal

I read John Kunst Jr.’s letter to the editor published May 12 after returning to town from a week’s absence. In that letter Mr. Kunst took exception to a previous Alex Miller opinion piece concerning energy/enviro issues. Mr. Kunst Jr. seemed to have problems with both the accuracy of Miller’s statements and the fact that he had resorted to name calling.

Kunst’s letter piqued my interest in Miller’s opinion piece. As I assumed, I found Miller’s piece to be typical liberal “journalist think.” What I found objectionable were Miller’s statements likening those who do not believe in human-caused global warming, those who want lower taxes and less governmental control of their lives and property and those who want less dependence on foreign oil as anti-intellectual, medieval flat-earth believing, anti-science, anti-environment average Joes and Janes.

Shame on you Alex Miller, you and those of your like-minded ilk do not have a monopoly on “correct” scientific knowledge and thinking, native intelligence, education, or love and concern for our planet and its present and future inhabitants. By categorizing conservatives and others who may disagree with you as somehow intellectually, morally or educationally inferior to “correct” thinking liberals, you are failing in your business and your profession.

Why would a business person publicly disrespect their clients? Perhaps, in your honest concern for the environment, you forgot that conservative readers and advertisers pay for part of your salary. In addition, this coming from a ’60s-something ex-hippie “Question Authority” type, I believe this is just as important now as it was in “the “day.” It is even more important that journalists such as yourself question the left just as much as you should the right. To quote from your column “but even worse are the folks who lap it up as gospel.” Alex, don’t you be a lapper of the liberal viewpoint, keep an open mind – and please quit calling me names.

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