Steve Jones: It’s the climate change, stupid |

Steve Jones: It’s the climate change, stupid

Steve Jones

The Summit Daily – which carries Associated Press stories such as the recent piece outlining the so-called “plan” to attack the pine beetle epidemic – is spouting nothing but pure lies and state propaganda. The pine beetle epidemic is not caused by “natural cycles” – it is a direct result of global climate change and the warming of our biosphere. Just take a trip up to Alaska and Canada and you will see millions of acres of dead forest land devastated by the bark beetle. Every 1-degree increase in temperature and the equator translates into a 10-degree increase at the poles brought on by global warming – that is why the forest destruction is greater the farther north you go.

The epidemic will not be stopped by cutting down more trees and exterminating whole tracts of our beautiful and precious forestland. Just witness the human environmental eco-destruction and clear-cutting of forested areas on the Frisco Peninsula and around the County Commons area. The perpetrators and politicians responsible for this act of environmental terrorism have literally annihilated precious bike path and recreational hiking areas that will never be repaired. Those responsible for this attack on our environment (the US Forest Service and the Summit County Open Space Dept) need to be arrested, fined, prosecuted and jailed for their crimes. As well, all future plans to exterminate whole tracts of forest land in and around Summit County need to be scrapped and stopped immediately. The destruction must come to an end, now.

Spending millions cutting down dead trees is not only a complete waste of taxpayer dollars, it will not solve the pine beetle epidemic because it does not address the root cause of the problem: an excessive, wasteful, decadent and environmentally destructive American fossil fuel economy spewing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere which has led to the global warming responsible for this devastation. New young trees that grow after clear-cuts will only face the bark beetle again in their short lifetimes, killing all hope of reforesting already devastated areas.

Time to evolve and use some intelligence folks. We need to educate the masses about the supreme threat of global climate change and immediately create a “Manhattan Project” type of global campaign that reduces and eventually eliminates our collective carbon footprint as a nation and as a species – otherwise expect more devastation and destruction of our environment.