Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew returns |

Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew returns

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Steve “Mudflap” McGrew has been a favorite with Silverthorne audiences, and Saturday, the pavilion welcomes him back with his unique brand of country humor and views of the lighter side of relationships.McGrew began spreading humor as a cartoonist for the Houston Chronicles, but his pencil couldn’t express his exuberant personality enough, so McGrew took to the stage -mostly making fun of his ex-wife.Now, he has more than 25 years of stand-up comedy under his belt and has appeared on A&E’s “Evening at the Improv,” Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, TNN’s “Nashville Now,” CMT’s “20 Most Redneck Moments” and a ton of others, which, if listed, would simply make your eyes blur, then skip to the next paragraph. So on we go.Along with a beefy resume, McGrew has an extensive list of ex’s. In fact, he’s single for the third time.”I’m a marriage survivor,” he said. “I’ve done it before and lived through it.”His act includes a little bit of everything, but it revolves around relationships. His comedic style is observational, based mostly on his real life.”For whatever reason, God thinks it’s funny to make me live through horrible situations to make fun of,” he said. “At least he gave me coping skills. No one knows how to screw it up better than I do, so come learn from my mistakes. Those who can’t do, teach.”

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