Steven Craig Jones: Solving the pine beetle epidemic |

Steven Craig Jones: Solving the pine beetle epidemic

Steven Craig Jones

Global climate change is the cause of the pine tree bark beetle epidemic. Unless and until this cause is addressed by local, state and federal officials, the destruction of our forests will continue.

Therefore, first priority is to fire those US Forest Service officials still putting out the false claim that this is just a natural, cyclical process and instead hire people who understand the connection between a warming planet brought about by rising CO2 emissions and the holocaust of our precious forestland in Colorado.

Second, its time to permanently terminate all federal funding for wasteful fire mitigation policies and clearcutting of large tracts of forestland in Colorado. Rather, let us immediately re-direct all federal funding into solving the cause of the bark beetle epidemic, which is global climate change.

If local, state and federal priorities remain embedded in the antiquated and short-sighted notion of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars spent to cut down trees, we are only addressing the symptoms, and the crisis will continue. Solving the cause of the bark beetle crisis will entail building and maintaining local, state and regional state-of-the-art environmental centers complete with the resources, information, leadership and business “seed” capital necessary for rapidly transiting our society away from fossil fuels and into a new alternative energy economy (solar panels, electric cars, wind turbines, fuel cell home power systems, anti-gravitic propulsion vehicles etc.).

As well, wasting funds on replanting areas that have been wrongfully clearcut is an additional failed policy, since these trees will also eventually die if we collectively fail in our attempts to solve the climate change issue. Its simply a matter of priorities.

Thirdly, its time to get rid of Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO). This man is nothing but a corporate environmental gatekeeper put in power to fund all the wrong programs and policies and to prevent an authentic green/clean energy revolution from taking root and prospering in Colorado.

We’re about ready to lose nearly all of our precious pine tree forestland here in Colorado because we have evil, greedy, ignorant people in power who don’t care about our planet or our future. Every year that goes by where invest in war, death and destruction rather than in creating a global green society is another year that condemns our children’s future to a planet that will be largely uninhabitable for them.

Going “green” is not an option anymore, it is an urgent requirement for the survival of all life on Earth, pine forests included.

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