Streakers can be sex offenders |

Streakers can be sex offenders

Up Against the Wall appears biweekly. All accounts are rewritten from Summit County law enforcement agency logs. Names are withheld for privacy; individuals are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Summit County Crime Stoppers Tip:

Summit County Crime Stoppers pays up to $1,000 to callers who help solve a crime in Summit County. All callers remain anonymous.

– Never leave a key under the door mat, in the mailbox or above the door frame. They’re the first places burglars look.

If you’ve been feeling the urge to streak – shed your clothes and go running through the streets just to freak people out a little and have some fun – think again.

A Breckenridge officer was called out for the report of a streaker. Combing Main Street, the officer found a man walking down the sidewalk, embarrassed, covering his genitals with some fabric. The officer talked with the man and learned that, in fact, the man’s friends had taken all of his clothes as a sort of birthday prank.

The officer explained that he let the man go (after telling the friends to give back the clothes). Doesn’t public nudity deserve a ticket? Maybe, the officer said, but a conviction on such a charge, instigated by the complaint of a citizen, can result in the man becoming a registered sex offender.

A minor crush

After a man sent a large bouquet of flowers to his crush at the restaurant where she worked, and then called numerous times to try to talk to her at work, the police got involved.

Speaking with the girl’s mother, the Silverthorne officer learned the bouquet must have cost more than $100, and the man calling the restaurant would not identify himself. So, the officer tracked down the store where the flowers were purchased. The clerk at the flower store pointed the officer to a cleaning company and knew the first name of the man. The officer contacted the cleaning company and spoke with the man, who said he had sent the flowers and called the restaurant.

The man said he would call to apologize to the girl if he scared her. He himself was likely a bit scared – when the officer explained the girl was 15 years old.

The officer told the man not to contact the girl anymore and told the girl’s family to have the phone company trace any harassing calls.

He’s Napoleon

The police call them frequent flyers: the men and women they seem to come into contact with regularly, and not for good reasons.

A Breckenridge officer was dispatched to a report of an assault in Warrior’s Mark. The victim explained to the officer that he was getting tools out to perform work for a landlord when another man pulled up to the house. The second man went into the house to retrieve some belongings while his passenger, the frequent flyer, began urinating in the driveway.

The victim told police that he had previously had a restraining order against the urinating man. Not surprising, since in recent months, the police had dealt with the frequent flyer on some disturbance calls, an assault and a dispute that began with watching homemade pornos with another man and his wife, the star of the films.

The victim told the officer the frequent flyer approached him and punched him. The victim then bloodied the other man’s nose.

The officer tracked the frequent flyer down and found him without shoes, and dried blood on his hand and face. The officer arrested the man, who yelled all the way to the jail that he was an officer in the army, a corporal and was a U.S. citizen, and he demanded to know what he was being charged with.

Hey, that’s my car

A man went to the sheriff’s office to report his car stolen. He had last seen his Jeep parked in a lot across from his house. Then, he was driving north on Highway 9 near Breckenridge and watched as his Jeep passed him going the other way. He wasn’t 100 percent sure it was his car until he got home and it wasn’t parked across the street anymore.

A neighbor told the man a blond woman had gotten out of an SUV, gotten into the Jeep and drove away, the man said. The woman’s description matched his ex-wife, he explained, and then showed the deputy a court order giving him the Jeep.

The deputy put the car’s information into the Big Computer, listing it as stolen.

Straight from a scene in “COPS’

Sheriff’s deputies drove out to Green Mountain Reservoir after campers reported a reckless driver. A witness explained that someone was driving a pickup truck down the beach, spinning out doing “cookies” or “doughnuts,” and she gave the driver’s description.

Deputies caught up with the truck parked next to a camper at a nearby campground.

“Just before I knocked on the door of the camper, I heard someone moving around inside,” the deputy wrote in his report. “A male … burst out of the camper door in his underwear.” This was at 8:15 p.m.

The man told the deputy that people (he actually used an epithet for Latinos) were driving four-wheelers through the campgrounds, and that he drove down the beach looking for them, but he had done no reckless driving.

The deputy smelled alcohol on the man and asked him about it. The man said he’d had one beer. The man refused to do the How Drunk Are You Really? tests, and when the deputy began to say he was arresting the man, he walked away. The deputy cuffed the man and put him in the patrol car, where the man repeatedly attempted to get out of the cuffs.

Five different people offered to sign witness statements for the deputy, who also noted that the circular tire tracks in the sand matched the man’s pickup.

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