Stuart "Boot" Gordon: Let’s explore ‘inner space’ |

Stuart "Boot" Gordon: Let’s explore ‘inner space’

Stuart "Boot" Gordon

Morgan Liddick’s concern about the health of America’s political, economic, and space exploration is commendable. However, I wonder if he realizes that our most vital quest might be the exploration of what is termed “inner space.”

Apparently all the major nations and even little Bulgaria is investigating the amazing talents of kids called “indigo children” who can astral travel, read books blindfolded with their feet, mentally pop pills out of sealed bottles, etc.

I once left my body, psychically was directed to my runaway puppy 3 miles from home (that’s a 28 square mile potential search area) in 1962, so I suspect those kids can do those feats.

Recently I read an article, confirmed by two other sources, that a psychologist cured a complete hospital ward of criminally insane patients by not even going into the ward. How did he do it? He said he simply got out the charts of each patient, visualized that patient, and repeated over and over, “I love you.” “I’m sorry” while realizing that he was the criminally insane patient.

I’ve heard for years that we are all connected to our Creator and thus intimately connected with each other so possibly this is one “inner space” our country could explore. (Someone way back when said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and maybe He was right.)

“Balderdash!” you say? Well, I’m getting the message that it’s true. Maybe from the same source that saved my life three times in WWII while flying P-38’s, and maybe once during the Korean War in a P-51.

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