Students at Dillon Elementary to get free shoes May 31 |

Students at Dillon Elementary to get free shoes May 31

Eric Ojala, pastor of Elements Church in Dillon, is excited to have the church partnering with Dillon Valley Elementary to give away 400 pairs of shoes to students at the school.

“Our church cares about this community, and we don’t want to be a church that only cares about the people who are showing up; we want to care about the people who aren’t showing up,” he said. “I think Jesus would be pretty cool about giving out 400 pairs of shoes, so we just want to love and serve people and this is a very practical way to do this.”

To get the sizes right, they went into the school in March and measured 400 children’s feet. A grant made the give away possible, Ojala said, while explaining that to get it, they agreed not to release the brand name of the shoes manufacturer.

The giveaway will be at 9 a.m. May 31 at the school. Ojala said he hopes to make it a community event and is inviting officials from local law enforcement, fire departments and other groups to the event. Ojala added that he hopes they can do it again in other schools in the coming years.

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