Sugar and spice S and nothing too nice: Bad-ass girl group Hemi Cuda rocks Sherpa & Yeti’s with its garish show Saturday |

Sugar and spice S and nothing too nice: Bad-ass girl group Hemi Cuda rocks Sherpa & Yeti’s with its garish show Saturday

BRECKENRIDGE -When Chrysler Automobiles built the Hemi Cuda in the 1950s with a high-powered engine, it never could have foreseen a girl group named after the muscle cars -especially not girl rockers with glossy red lips and matching wigs, leather miniskirts and calf-high boots. But that’s exactly what the fast, flashy cars inspired: two girls with ballsy attitudes blasting out punk rock heavily laced with lyrics about sex and hot rides.”Muscle cars embody the same kind of the spirit of rock, and Hemi Cuda is the baddest-ass car in the muscle world,” said bass player Karen Exley.And Hemi Cuda wants to be the baddest-ass girl group in the rockin’ world.Its loud, crunchy guitar and harmonized vocals aren’t anything new in the pop-punk, girl-band world, but the girls take it one notch further by deeming themselves rock ‘n’ roll superheroes and dressing garishly. Inspired by the feminine flash of drag queens, the girls go all out – batting false eyelashes and wearing stiletto heels and multicolored wigs.”There’s the whole performance aspect of rock ‘n’ roll. We felt really confident that we rocked, so why not make it the whole package and give people something fun to look at?” Zappe said. “If the drag queen would appreciate it, it’s good enough for us.”The girls only have one man in the band – the elusive drummer.”A lot of people think we kick all of our drummers out,” Zappe said. “That’s usually not the case. It’s usually a mutual decision.”A mutual decision because it’s not easy to hang with girls built like Hemi Cuda.”I think that it is really tough for guys to play with a girl-fronted band,” she said. “It takes a special kind of person. Karen and I tend to get a lot of the attention magnified in the band.”Their latest drummer, Devon Rogers, joined Hemi Cuda nine months ago, and so far, so good.”He shares a mutual lust for touring and making rocking his life,” Exley said.Thanks to tunes such as “Thick and Tasty” and “Cool Hand Luke,” which have to do with various sexual acts, the girls have garnered a reputation as sex divas.”Having previously been described as having written about cars, sex and boys, we’re more willing to write about whatever we’re inspired by,” Exley said. “We put a light spin on some of our intense feelings about people.””We allow ourselves to do a lot more now that we wouldn’t consider early on,” Zappe said. “We’re losing the whole notion that a song has to be fast to really rock. It can be powerful without giving the drummer a heart attack.”But even Hemi Cuda’s slow songs purr with its signature wild streak.The girls rev up the crowd Saturday at Sherpa & Yeti’s in Breckenridge.—Hemi Cuda- When: Saturday, June 7- Where: Sherpa & Yeti’s, Breckenridge

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