Summary of proposed projects for stimulus plan |

Summary of proposed projects for stimulus plan

DENVER ” A summary of proposed spending of Colorado’s $2 billion share of the stimulus plan, according to the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, a public policy think tank:

” Colorado will receive roughly $760 million over the next two fiscal years to prevent cuts to existing programs and services, including education. Education grants amount to $622 million over the two years. The other $138 million in stabilization funding is for general purposes and can be spent on health care, human services and other programs.

” Medicaid assistance is the largest expenditure to Colorado in the package, providing an estimated $880 million over nine quarters retroactive to October 2008.

” Colorado will receive $16 million over the next two years to assist families who have lost their homes. This money can be distributed to homelessness prevention programs and emergency shelters.

” Colorado will get $24 million in Child Care and Development Block Grant Funds. These funds don’t require a match and will help Colorado subsidize child care for low-income working families and low-income families with parents involved in job retraining or education.

” Colorado could receive $521 million over the next two years for infrastructure and transportation spending. Of that amount, $387 million will go to highway and bridge repair and construction. Another $122 million will be given to the state in Transit Capital Grants to begin new projects in public transportation, such as busing and rail programs.

” Colorado could gain as much as $31 million for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, another $35 million for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, $99 million for weatherization projects and $48.3 million in the State Energy Program to support renewable energy and efficiency projects.

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