Summit County babies born between August and October |

Summit County babies born between August and October

Summit County's babies are born at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco.
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■ Brianna Urrutia Sanchez welcomed a child into the world on Oct. 2.

■ Addilyn Leia Stallings was born Oct. 3 to Andy & Sara Stallings of Breckenridge.

■ Denis Ivan Androniichuk was born Oct. 6 to Anastasiia and Ivan of Sliverthorne.

■ Maximo Abel Gonzalez was born Oct. 8 to Isabel Parada and Guillerno Gonzalez of Englewood.

■ Lotte Leigh Sneller was born Oct. 11 to Ben and Morgan Sneller of Breckenridge.

■ Eleanor Fjell Bibeau was born Oct. 12 to Paul and Heather Bibeau of Alma.

■ Silas Rohan Gillenberger was born Oct. 14 to Chad and Ujala Gillenberger of Breckenridge.

■ Cohen George Thomas was born Oct. 17 to Liz and Tyson Thomas of Leadville.

■ Owen Shannon Macias was born on Oct. 20 to Cole and Brook Macias of Breckenridge.

■ Milo Konrad Mauka Bickmore was born Oct. 23 to Matt and Natasha Bickmore Frisco.

■ Leslie Itzel Luis Mendez was born on Oct. 24 to Vilma Haydee Mendez Arias & Agliberto Luis Zarate of Silverthorne.

■ Andree Nicolas Corvera Sosa was born Oct. 28 to Jorge Corvere and Alma Sosa of Silverthorne.

■ Garrett Mark Jacob Breinling was born Oct. 28 to Heather and Dustin Breinling of Kremmling.

■ Dominic Nolan Edelberg was born Oct. 28 to Bradley and Kristin Edelberg of Breckenridge.


■ Logan Dale Rathbun was born Sept. 1 to Becky Lee and Kevin Rathbun of Breckenridge.

■ Rayner Jay Maas was born Sept. 6 to Clint and Erica Maas of Fairplay.

■ Nicolas Phillip Melott Medina was born Sept. 7 to Dany Lopez and John Melott of Silverthorne.

■ Adelina Avery Sharon Masingale was born Sept. 8 to Mary and Dakota Masingale of Leadville.

■ Victoria Beatriz Chavez was born on Sept. 12 to Zara Warzecha and Hugo Chavez of Dillon.

■ LillyAnne Marie Whitaker was born on Sept. 15 to Chris and Alex Whitaker of Granby.

■ Callie Jean Marie Kayser was born on Sept. 16 to Chuck Kayser and Sarah Munson of Leadville.

■ Alice Ruth Quiggle was born on Sept. 23 to Blair and Jacob Quiggle of Frisco.

■ Joey Ann Wright was born on Sept. 26 to Jonathan and Jenny Wright of Breckenridge.

■ Cameron River Nelson was born on Sept. 25 to Ryan and Bailey Nelson of Silverthorne.

■ Natalie Guadalupe Tavera Alva was born on Sept. 25 to Arely Stephany Alva Saucedo of Avon.

■ Jodreianna Faith Pablo Coronel was born on Sept. 28 to Angelo and Andrea Coronel of Breckenridge.

■ Manuel Elias Lopez Cevallos was born on Sept. 27 to Jose Lopez and Maria Cevallos of Breckenridge.

■ Peyton Janae Smock was born on Sept. 29 to Shenel and Adam Smock of Salida.

■ Ruby Jean Gillespie was born on Sept. 30 to Trent and Stacy Gillespie of Silverthorne.

■ River Owen Witt was born on Sept. 30 to Danielle McMahon and Shaun Witt of Silverthorne.


■ Gunnar William Carlson was born on Aug. 1 to Matthew and Rebecca of Tabernash.

■ Arlo Sullivan Weber was born on Aug. 2 to Joshua and Amanda Weber of Keystone.

■ Alessia Sarai Perez was born on Aug. 2 to Albin Perez and Marialex Duran of Leadville.

■ Victoria Zubia Fletes was born on Aug. 3 to Jesus Zubia and Erika Fletes of Silverthorne.

■ Lilia Grace Suer was born on Aug. 3 to Mark and Karla Suer of Kremmling.

■ Duke Ryan Irvine was born on Aug. 6 to Gina Benson and Ryan Irvine of Silverthorne.

■ Wyatt Emerson Bissett was born on Aug. 9 to Ricky and Fren of Fairplay.

■ Francesca Fernandez-Escalante was born on Aug. 9 to Fernando and Nuria Fernandez-Escalante of Dillon.

■ Adelynn Elizabeth Kupfer was born on Aug. 10 to Michael and Kimberly of Leadville.

■ Greyson Heywood Masuhr was born on Aug. 11 to Emily and Scott Masuhr of Breckenridge.

■ Elena Rose Eten was born on Aug. 18 to Brandon Eten and Annie Lorenzo of Silverthorne.

■ Whitney Skye Whitaker-Penix was born on Aug. 18 to Kylie Whitaker and Ehren Penix of Fairplay.

■ Isla Louise Norton was born on Aug. 21 to Fahren and Tyler Norton of Silverthorne.

■ Tanner Reed Truitt was born on Aug. 22 to Sydney and Nick Truitt of Breckenridge.

■ Brewer Widing Crew was born on Aug. 23 to Abby and Peter Crew of Silverthorne.

■ Wyatt Xavier Fuentes was born on Aug. 24 to Delfin and Heather Fuentes of Dillon.

■ Meghan Keomailani Moodie was born Aug. 28 to Britnee and Sanjae Moodie of Dillon.

■ Aksel James Gosiorowski was born on Aug. 30 to Tom and Lisa Gosiorowski of Silverthorne.

■ Kayla Lynn Sallee was born on Aug. 31 to Joshua and Victoria Sallee of Fairplay.

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