Summit County, CO signature marijuana strains |

Summit County, CO signature marijuana strains

Compiled by Phil Lindeman
Space Helmet, Breckenridge Organic Therapy
Special to RMMJ |

Note: All THC and CBD percentages are approximate.

Space Helmet (recreational)

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (THC: 24.7 percent)

Genetics: Sour Kush (Sour Diesel and Kush) crossed with Martian Mean Green (Shark’s Breath and G-13 Haze)

Grower comments: Space Helmet is a very rare strain created right in Summit County, with a spicy, musky flavor, almost like pine needles on an afternoon hike. The name says it all — it’s one tasty and spacey sativa. It’s also a near-perfect daytime compliment to the Pre ’98 Bubba Kush, a high-CBD indica hybrid made for unwinding after wandering through the woods.

Find it: Breckenridge Organic Therapy, 1900 Airport Rd. Unit A1 in Breckenridge

Grape Ape (recreational)

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (THC: 20 percent)

Genetics: Mendicino Purps crossed with Skunk and Afghani

Grower comments: Grape Ape won a feature in the February 2015 edition of “High Times” for a deliciously sweet and herbal scent, with elevated and prominent notes of grape on the exhale. It’s a heavy indica, but it won’t put users down for the count, with clear-headed effects to stomp out anxiety and muscle aches with authority.

Find it: High Country Healing, 191 Blue River Pkwy. in Silverthorne

Summit Sweet Skunk (medicinal)

Type: Sativa (THC: 23 percent)

Genetics: Proprietary

Grower comments: Meet one of the most potent and skunky sativas on the market. The HCH budtenders often say the strain transports them to a playful, childhood state of euphoria. It’s a wonderful choice for stomping out the blues with a boost of uplifting energy.

Find it: High Country Healing, 191 Blue River Pkwy. in Silverthorne

Timewreck (recreational)

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (THC: 24.97 percent)

Genetics: Trainwreck crossed with Vortex

Grower comments: This strain hits users with a mild taste of diesel and hints of citrus, plus a touch of oaky sandalwood. Its intense, euphoric effects are highly cerebral and known for enhancing creativity, energy and mood. Given an average THC content around 25 percent, it’s far from a novice strain.

Find it: Backcountry Cannabis Company, 1795 Airport Rd. Unit 3A in Breckenridge

Agent Orange (recreational)

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (THC: variable)

Genetics: Orange Velvet crossed with Jack the Ripper

Grower comments: Like any strain with orange in the name, it’s a citrusy, crisp-tasting sativa hybrid with mild sweetness. Expect waves of euphoria almost immediately before settling into an uplifting state. Not bad, given its dubious namesake.

Find it: Alpenglow Botanicals, 1805 Airport Rd. in Breckenridge or 765 W. Anemone Trail in Dillon

Orange Herijuana (medicinal)

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (THC-A: 27.97 percent)

Genetics: Orange Skunk and Herijuana

Grower comments: Also known as the Mandarin Sunset, Orange Herijuana is a highly sedative indica hybrid. Made for relief from pain, insomnia, tension and anxiety — just about anything that keep folks up at night — the strain is best enjoyed before watching a sunset or easing into a comfy recliner. Or doing both at once.

Find it: Native Roots, 861 N. Summit Blvd. in Frisco

The Original Griz Kush (recreational)

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (THC: not yet tested)

Genetics: Tangerine Haze crossed with Pakistani Chitral Kush

Grower comments: The Native Roots shop in downtown Denver is known for frequent musician sightings — think everyone from Girl Talk to Slipknot — and coming this summer, Colorado’s first legitimate dispensary chain is releasing a custom strain for Boulder-based electronic maestro Griz. Picked by Griz himself, it’s a custom blend of stony Tangerine Haze and ultra-rare PCK. Expect to leave giggly and happily stoned — a full-body experience, just like a Griz concert.

Find it: Native Roots, 861 N. Summit Blvd. in Frisco

Banana Wildfire (recreational)

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (THC: 19.17 percent)

Genetics: Banana Kush crossed with California Wildfire

Grower comments: This refreshing (yes, refreshing) hybrid hits the tongue with a tropical burst and leaves with the light, citrusy aftertaste of energetic cannabis, like a tequila cocktail mixed with the subtle piney tinge of a good gin. It’s the closest you’ll get to a beach in the heart of the Rockies.

Find it: Organix, 1795 Airport Rd. in Breckenridge

African Tangerine (recreational)

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (THC: 21.5 percent)

Genetics: Durban Poison crossed with Jillybean hybrid

Grower comments: Of the five signature strains at Herbal Bliss, owner Dawn Mlatecek has a soft spot for African Tangerine. It’s a relatively strong hybrid, but the combination of two high-energy sativa strains definitely won’t leave users draped across a couch. Expect a strong cerebral and creative boost.

Find it: Herbal Bliss, 1795 Airport Rd. in Breckenridge

Gumby (medicinal)

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (CBD-A: 8.55 percent; THC: 4.18 percent)

Genetics: Unknown

Grower comments: The newest hybrid from Summit’s final medical-only dispensary is a mellow, low-key strain made just for patients who still want to function after taking a dose or two. The finely tuned ratio between CBD-A and THC acts as a catalyst for medicinal effects — in other words, users get all the relief with few of the drowsy aftereffects.

Find it: Medical Marijuana of the Rockies, 720 N. Summit Blvd. in Frisco

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