Summit County kindergartners say ‘don’t use plastic bags’ |

Summit County kindergartners say ‘don’t use plastic bags’

Kathryn Corazzelli
Summit Daily News

Summit Daily/Kathryn Corazzelli

After completing a six-week unit on oceans and water, Dillon Valley Elementary kindergartners are sending out a big message: Don’t use plastic bags.

The children studied the quality of water and ways to protect and keep trash out of the ocean, according to DVE kindergarten teacher Cara Webb. After completing their lessons, the children made a video – which they presented to fellow students and parents Monday morning – and received free, reusable bags from Natural Grocers.

“We need to protect the oceans,” the students said in unison – first in English, then Spanish – in their video. “Don’t use plastic bags from the supermarket. A lot of plastic bags are in the ocean.”

Student Max Binge, 5, said animals in the ocean think plastic bags are food, and after eating them, they can’t breathe and die. Objects with oil on it also hurt the sea life, he said.

“Ships dump a whole bunch of trash in the ocean,” Binge said. “I don’t think that’s a good choice.”

Binge likes his new, reusable bag because he said it will help save the oceans. His parents already have a few.

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Learning about the oceans was exciting for the students, but also sad, especially when they learned how plastic bags hurt animals, Webb said.

“The Vitamin Cottage of Dillon was gracious enough to donate 100 reusable shopping bags as the kids want to stop using plastic bags,” Webb said. “They feel proud and are very excited to go home and share them with their families.