Summit County: Man who broke & entered too drunk to remember it |

Summit County: Man who broke & entered too drunk to remember it

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An intoxicated man in Keystone landed himself in the slammer when he slammed into a girl and twisted her wrists after forcing his way into her apartment. The girl’s roommate had asked the guy to leave their unit earlier in the night. He refused so the girl escorted him out and locked the door. But he showed up again an hour later, wasted, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s office. He knocked on the door of the unit and then slammed into the girl when she answered it. She held up her hands and yelled at him to leave. The guy grabbed her hands, laced his fingers through her’s and twisted her wrists around before forcing his way into her apartment and pushing her against a wall. The girl pushed him back through the door, locked it and called the sheriff’s office. Deputies arrived at the scene to find the girl’s wrists bruised and sore. They decided to check the area for the guy, who had disappeared. They found him in a neighboring apartment hiding in a corner. Deputies explained his rights to him and asked what had happened.He told them he got “blackout drunk” and that he “could have gone into that unit, but I don’t really know.””Usually people don’t care if you go into their place,” he said. “That’s just the way that things are there (at the apartment complex where the girl lived).” He explained to deputies that he just likes “to get drunk and (mess things) up.” “I am kind of rough,” he said. “That’s just the way that me and my friends are, we are snowboarders and those chicks are like real-estate girls so maybe I shouldn’t have been messing around with them.”He told deputies he didn’t remember the breaking-and- entering incident, but that could have been because of the whole “blackout drunk” thing. Regardless, there was no way he’d purposely “hurt a girl.”He was charged with first-degree burglary for forcing his way into the girl’s place and third- degree assault for grabbing her and forcing her against the wall.

A snowboarder got busted after he crashed his vehicle into a parked car in the Arapahoe Basin parking lot while doing doughnuts. Sheriff’s office deputies pulled the man over on Highway 6 after they received a hit-and-run report involving a car that matched his vehicle’s description. When the deputy asked the man to get out of the car, he had a little trouble with the door. Once he finally managed to get out, he forgot to close the car door. A sheriff’s office report said the man’s eyes were “glassy” and “an odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emanated from (his) person.”He told the deputy he’d left A-Basin a few minutes before and didn’t know about any accident. Then another car pulled up and a man got out and told the deputy he’d seen the snowboarder doing doughnuts in the A-Basin parking lot, hitting one parked car so hard it crashed into a second parked car. Then he took off, laughing, the witness said. Around then the snowboarder seemed to remember the doughnuts, and said he had, in fact, been spinning his car on the slick pavement in the parking lot at A-Basin. He told the deputy he came within “less than an inch” of striking a parked car, but didn’t get into an accident. Somehow, though, the back end of the snowboarder’s car was all smashed up. The deputy photographed the damage and asked the snowboarder to take a roadside sobriety test. The man refused to perform the maneuvers because, “I don’t believe in them.”He was then arrested. The deputy explained the Expressed Consent law to the snowboarder, who informed the deputy that he “doesn’t have to take a test.” The deputy explained the consequences of not taking a chemical test and the man said he’d take a blood test. Then he went back to refusing testing. The man was booked on reckless driving, driving while his license was revoked and DUI for refusing a chemical test. SDN reporter Caddie Nath can be contacted at (970) 668-4628 or at

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