Summit County music: Split Lip Rayfield Funny name, funny story |

Summit County music: Split Lip Rayfield Funny name, funny story

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Some kids physical attributes make such an impression, they live on. Thats the case with Split Lip Rayfield, performing tonight at Three20South in Breckenridge. The musicians named their band after Billy Rayfield, a boy who lived next to bandmember Jeff Eatons childhood home in the small town of Gumbo, Mo.In the winter, his [Billy Rayfield] lips would get chapped and split apart, and everyone called him Split Lip Rayfield, musician Wayne Gottstine said.Eaton admits Split Lip Rayfield may not be the best name for a band, seeing that it doesnt roll off the tongue very well, and its kind of hard to remember, he said. But, it was one of those things: a group of guys score a gig, but they dont have a name yet. They throw out a few ideas, Billys bloody lip stands out, and they roll with the name.Were stuck with it now, Eaton said.The band originates from Wichita, Kan., and it plays bluegrass with an edge and with some weird instruments, like a homemade bass fashioned from a Ford trucks gas tank. Eaton made the deep-toned bass, which has a wooden neck, stands on a pogo-stick peg, and has one, thick weed-wacker string. When combined with Gottstines mandolin, Eric Mardis banjo and strong vocals, Split Lip Rayfields music is like bluegrass in a rage, yet in harmony with all living things, they said.The band aims to be a spring board that propels people to dance. They describe their shows as having extreme energy, unwavering synergy, and fun experience from music that fills your soul and makes you want to dance. And, sometimes they even throw some chickens into the mix: One night, the band made up a contest called The Chicken Drop, consisting of a board with numbers on it. They let loose real chickens, dressed in costumes Eaton made, to walk on the board. Audiences bet on the first number that a chicken would poop on. Hows that for down-home Midwestern entertainment?

Boulder-based Salem is all about consciousness, from the music, down to its name. One might think witch hunts when it comes to the name Salem, but the musicians intent couldnt be further from such wickedness. They created the band name by combining the words shalom and salaam, meaning peace. And, theyre so committed to sustainable living that they toured for three weeks off the grid in a vegetable-powered shuttle bus last summer.They want people to soak in, and relax, to their conscious funk, jazz and hip-hop style.But, just because its mindful doesnt mean its ho-hum music: Their sound grabbed the attention of producers who compiled the X Games After Party CD, released last month. And, this month, the composer, drummer and vocalist Todd Anders Johnson of Salem appears in Elevation Outdoors Magazine, from an interview by Warren Millers Bevin Wallace.Salem played the biggest ski and snowboard events in the world last season with EXPNs Winter X Games, the 48 Straight King of the Mountain in Sun Valley, and U.S. Freeskiing and snowboarding events in Jackson, Copper and Girdwood, Alaska. Warren Miller has been featuring Salem music in Off the Grid and in trailers with Corona in last years Playground.We are a positive group that can play well and inspire thoughts, as well as booty shakin, Anders Johnson said.

Whered the name come from? When I, Clementine, started the band, I had an idea of visually combining the fashions of Barbarella, the Jane Fonda movie, with Zeppelins music. The name stuck, the original fashion idea didnt!Home base: San Francisco, Calif.Type of music: Led Zeppelin tunesIf your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Itd be the most tangible and intangible item, the feeling of love that this music conveys. We love playing the music and love sharing it with people who dig it too. Having people leave a show happier than they came in, thats the goal.Why do people love ya? We got a lot of passion for this band and this music, and I think people can feel that we put everything into it. How do you keep it fresh? Playing Led Zeppelins music is a life-long pursuit. Ill always find more to learn. Most of the time, I think Ive only scratched the surface of the depth of Bonhams playing. I guess the key with this type of band is to pick your favorite band of your 11-year-old self, and make sure its one that you love more and more as time goes on.Whats your biggest regret? Gretchen and I stood 10 feet from Robert Plant for about an hour and a half and couldnt get the nerve to say anything to him. So much for self-promotion!

Whered the name come from? The Peaceful Warriors represent a way of living that involves liberation from the negative passions of life, diligence with practice, and acting in harmony with all sentient beings. The idea is to make music that everyone can appreciate. Its geared toward dancing, singing, improvisation and empowerment through music.Home base: Originated in Crestone, Colo., and relocated to BoulderType of music: Funk, rock, blues, LatinIf your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A magic elixir that serves as a cure all.Why do people love ya? Danceable rhythms to soothe everyone from the sassy to the most savage beasts! It is a wild, unique and joyful musical experience.How do you keep it fresh? Years of musical training has led to the ability to allow Divine inspiration, which lets the musical experience evolve into exactly what the people need it to be on a collective level.Whats the craziest thing youve done/weirdest experience? Where do I begin? Id have to say driving 9 hours through unmarked jungle roads on Christmas night in Costa Rica. We were totally lost, slowly getting information in broken Spanish from locals. We crossed six rivers, two beaches and a ferry, then followed a guy on a dirt bike on some nasty roads to get to our unmarked destination.

Whered the name come from? We got tired of being pushed around, so (now its) just pushed overHome base: All around the High CountryType of music: Delta blues/AmericanaIf your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A $100 bill because you just feel better with one than without one. How do you keep it fresh? Silica Gel PacksWildest experience? Playing in a very small local bar that wont be named that got all rowdy like the Wild West, with people throwing beer bottles and one guy exposing himself to the band.

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