Summit County Police Blotter: Texting inmate charged with felony |

Summit County Police Blotter: Texting inmate charged with felony

Daily News staff report

Editor’s note: The police blotter is written from incident reports provided by local police departments and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. All individuals named are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A woman who allegedly used her cellphone to send a text as she was being booked into the Summit County detention facility Aug. 28 was charged with introducing contraband in the second degree, a Class VI felony.

The woman reportedly told authorities at the jail she needed to retrieve her cellphone to pull phone numbers from it. She was warned not to make any calls or send any texts while handling the phone, as it is a felony to do so, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman was reportedly seen soon after “using her thumbs to enter in more information then (sic) was necessary to retrieve phone numbers,” the report stated. A deputy who was monitoring the facility from the control room also relayed to the woman that he could see her typing text messages into the phone.

A short time later, the woman’s father reportedly called to inquire about a text message he’d received from her letting him know she was in jail for a year, according to the report.

“By using the cellphone to text, it poses a threat to the safety and security of the facility allowing sensitive information to be released and or contact a protected party,” the report stated.

The woman was later charged with the felony of introducing contraband.

SCSO: Man allegedly assaults deputies

A man who was apparently intoxicated and injured at River Run in Keystone Sept. 2 was charged with assault after he allegedly hit and head-butted sheriff’s office deputies.

Authorities reportedly found the man lying on the floor, injured, covered in blood and yelling incoherently at a building in Keystone, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

Passers-by told authorities the man had too much to drink at a nearby bar and fell down on his face, the report states.

When firefighters arrived on scene and began asking the man medical questions, he reportedly became angry and combative, swearing and punching a firefighter under the chin.

Deputies then attempted to put the man in custody, and he began to threaten to kill the deputies and became more combative, spitting blood at the firefighter. As authorities were escorting him out of the building he head-butted one of the deputies and kicked another in the kneecap.

He was eventually taken to the Summit County Jail where he was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, one count of third-degree assault and one count of obstructing a peace officer.

Purse stolen from Breck bar

A woman reported a small black-and-white purse missing Aug. 24 from a bar in Breckenridge.

According to a Breckenridge police report, the purse was last seen on a seat near the dance floor. After searching the building, the owner could not find the bag, according to the report.

It contained approximately $50 in cash and the purse itself and remaining contents were valued at an additional $100.

Although the bar does have video surveillance, it was busy that night and officers were unable to determine what happened from the tape, according to the report.

Robbery suspect nabbed

A man suspected of robbing a shopper at a Frisco grocery store was arrested through the collaborative effort of the Silverthorne and Frisco police departments and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect reportedly threatened the victim in the grocery store, saying he had a weapon. He allegedly took unspecified prescription drugs from the victim and managed to elude police and escape the store, according to a report from the Silverthorne police.

The local law enforcement agencies then worked to identify the suspect and later apprehended him.

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