Summit County real-estate transactions |

Summit County real-estate transactions

“Angler Mountain Ranch, #3, Lot 7″,”Kevin & Cindi McDonald”,$285,000,12/18/2009,”Angler Mountain LLC””Angler Mountain Ranch, Lakeside, Lot 11-A”,”Curtis S & Pamela B Goodman”,$660,000,12/18/2009,”Angler Mountain LLC””Antlers Gulch Twnh Condos, Bldg 2, Unit 204″,”Jim Carssow”,$426,000,12/18/2009,”Ramey, Donald & Kimberly””Blue River Run Sub, Lot 26,, Blk 1″,”Can L & Janis M Gehlbach”,$830,000,12/15/2009,”Tassel Tree Construction Inc””Blue River Valley Ranch Lakes, Lot 9, Blk 1″,”Ramin & Carla B Lalezari”,$620,000,12/15/2009,”Mary Geroge & John Mattox””Breckenridge Heights Sub, Lot 3, Bldg 1″,” Craig Family Investments LLC”,$560,000,12/18/2009,”Craig Group Inc””Buffalo Mountain Townhomes, Lot 1-C”,”Nicholas Weitenberner”,$415,000,12/15/2009,”Morse, Stephen & Nanci””Buffalo Valley @ Wildernest, #1, Lot 2-B”,”Richard Berg”,$430,000,12/18/2009,”Folkers, Marcia””Cache @ Union Creek, Unit F-1-204″,” Griff Family LLC”,$764,900,12/15/2009,”Copper Cache Devel Co LLC””Chaperral Condo, #2,, Unit 302″,”Jason Hobyak”,$480,000,12/15/2009,”James & C McKinnon & Ben & K Hines””Crescent Sub, Lot 3″,”Mary T Dickinson Godfrey B Warren”,$950,000,12/17/2009,”Thompson, Eric & Julie””Frisco Park Subs, Twnhms, #2, Lot 3, Bldg 1″,”Karen A Romeo Rahcel Dunaway”,$600,000,12/15/2009,”Anderson, Tod & Rhonda””Lagoon Town Homes, #8, Bldg 730, Unit B”,”Priscilla K & Timothy M Parsons”,$250,000,12/16/2009,”Phillips, Glen & Sondra””Lances West Condo, Bldg B, Unit 12″,”Michael S & Jennifer Rich”,$252,000,12/17/2009,”Crosby, David & Isabelle””Liftside @ Breck Condo, Unit 506″,”Scott A Toniolli”,$192,500,12/18/2009,”Butler Family Fund””Lone Eagle above River Run, Unit 3028″,”Kirsten J Murphy Cyrus D Merter IV”,$1,300,000,12/15/2009,”Watusi Prop, Baggett Investors & W Wats””Lookout Ridge Twnhms, Unit 1664″,”Roberta S David”,$418,000,12/18/2009,”May, Larry & Patricia””Los Pinos, Unit A-13″,”David W & Susan L Skovgaard”,$525,000,12/15/2009,”Edlin, Alan & Pamela””Main Street Junction Condo, Unit 36″,”Thomas & Kirsten McCarthy”,$560,000,12/15/2009,”Gage, Marsha””Miners View Estates, Lot 2″,”Robert K & Rebecca L Van Noord”,$800,000,12/17/2009,”Baker, Janis””One Breck Place, Unit 3″,” Stephen Hamilton LLC”,$810,000,12/15/2009,”Hohl, Michael & Timothy””Passage Point Condo, Unit 521″,”Max & Ruth Matteson”,$245,000,12/17/2009,”Kautto, Kenneth & Lislie””Pines @ 4 O Clock Sub, Lot 3-A”,”Victoria & John T Saunders”,$1,049,000,12/18/2009,”Parker, Brad & Debra””Ptarmigan Trail Estates Sub, #1, Lot 2″,”Carl R & Tami L Bauer”,$675,000,12/18/2009,”Grand Trust””Red Hawk Lodge Condo, Unit 2264″,”Stephen & Michele Mester”,$423,000,12/16/2009,”Cyrus Marter IV & Kirsten Murphy””Shadow Creek Ranch Sub, Lot 2″,”Colorado State Bank & Trust Grouse House LLC”,$3,100,000,12/15/2009,”Bryan W Paul FLP””Shadow Creek Ranch Sub, Lot 3″,”Sherman & Howard-D Wensel Grouse House LLC”,$1,500,000,12/15/2009,”Boswell, Robert””Shadow Creek Ranch Sub, Lot 4″,”Sherman & Howard-D Wensel Grouse House LLC”,$1,500,000,12/15/2009,”Shelley Magness Trust””Shadow Creek Ranch Sub, Lot 4″,” Bryan W Paul FLP”,$1,500,000,12/15/2009,”Grouse House LLC””Silver Queen West Condo, Bldg D, Unit 202″,”Susan Bianco”,$205,000,12/14/2009,”Walker, Elaine””Snowdance Manor Condo, Unit 408″,”Mark A & Ruth C Chapin”,$117,500,12/15/2009,”Blattman, William & Renee””Springs @ River Run Condos, , Units 8838 &”,”Patricia A Kimberling”,$450,000,12/18/2009,”Platte, Phylecia””Springs @ River Run Condos, Unit 8842″,”Susan Scavone IRA End-IRA Inc”,$244,000,12/15/2009,”Canon, Hope & John””Sunnyslope Sub, Lot 104″,”Scott & Dawn Baca”,$305,000,12/15/2009,”Gygi, Chris””Water House on Main Sub, Bldg East, Unit”,” Unit 5307 Water House LLC”,$1,018,400,12/15/2009,”Water House on Main Street LLC””Water House on Main Sub, Bldg East, Unit 51″,” Summit Chase II LLC”,$869,500,12/15/2009,”Water House on Main Street LLC””Water House on Main Sub, Bldg East, Unit 52″,” 5206 Water House LLC”,$916,500,12/15/2009,”Water House on Main Street LLC””Wellington Neighborhood Sub, Lot 7, Blk 4″,”Mark E & Megan Hubbard”,$390,000,12/15/2009,”Kristin Yankowski & Kathleen Varner””Whispering Pines Ranch Sub, #2, Lot 1, Blk”,” Lisa A Kazazean Trust”,$595,000,12/16/2009,”Schaedle, Kenneth & Susan””Woodmoor @ Breck, Lot 69-A, Blk 1″,”John D & Virginia A Szostak”,$1,035,000,12/18/2009,”Allan, William & Patricia”

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