Summit County Republican Party elects new officers |

Summit County Republican Party elects new officers

Joe Moylan

This week Summit County Republicans elected a new chairman and vice chairman.

Kim McGahey, former vice chairman, took over for outgoing chairman Lindsay Backas. Eric Buck was elected as vice chairman.

“I’ve always believed getting active in your community and following the right political path is important,” Buck said. “I wanted to get involved to help Summit County Republicans’ overall impact.”

Being new to the role, Buck said he and McGahey have not yet sat down together to formulate a game plan going into the November general election nor have they discussed what they think the vision of Summit County Republicans could be in the future.

“We haven’t discussed a platform, but I wanted to get involved to help define and articulate to the public what Republicans truly stand for,” Buck said. “The Democrats have tried locally and nationally to define our principals for us, but they’re not accurately representing what some of our oppositions are.”

In addition to redefining conservative principles, Buck said he is looking forward to the challenge of re-energizing local members of the party.

“I feel there is a sense that because we are outmanned in the community, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what we do,” he said. “I want to try to change that mind-set and hopefully sway a couple of independents to join us.”

Unaffiliated voters have always played a significant role in shaping the political landscape in both the state and the county, Buck said.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office July voter-registration report, unaffiliated voters outnumbered members of the two major parties by more than 100,000 votes each. Of the 3,543,235 active and inactive registered voters in the state, 1,268,789 are designated as unaffiliated, 1,123,222 as Republican and 1,108,972 Democrat.

In Summit County, there are nearly more unaffiliated voters than Republicans and Democrats combined. Of the 25,776 active and inactive local voters, 12,280 are registered as unaffiliated, 6,027 as Republican and 7,028 Democrat.

McGahey could not be reached for comment by press time.

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