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Summit County Tax Statistics

Daily Staff Writer

Town of Frisco Lodging Tax20072008 % of 2007Jan.$36,718$37,852 3.09%Feb.$44,53345,1141.30%March$62,670Apr.$16,446May$8,024June$18,583July$26,392Aug.$22,629Sept.$17,403Oct.$9,849Nov.$12,709Dec.$44,330Total$320,286Town of Frisco total sales tax20072008%changeJan. $532,622 $575,1977.99%Feb.$559,219 $559,2970.01%March$606,382 $0 April$478,394 $0 May$363,366 $0 June$476,281 $0 July$556,058 $0 Aug.$528,519 $0 Sept.$498,614 $0 Oct.$401,422 $0 Nov.$468,977 $0 Dec.$662,772 $0 Total$6,132,626Town of Dillon sales tax20082007% changeJan.384,853 409,716 -6.07%Feb.341,088375,564 -9.18%March430,274 April342,532 May12,327 June282,073 July368,721 Aug.318,858 Sept.293,902 Oct.277,644 Nov.278,429 Dec.621,246

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