Summit County third-graders score equal to state average in literacy |

Summit County third-graders score equal to state average in literacy

Kathryn Corazzelli
summit daily news

Summit School District third-graders scored equal to the state average in this year’s Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, the standardized state test.

Summit students scored 74 percent proficient and advanced overall, which is also this year’s state average. The percentage was a 4 percent jump from last year’s overall score, which met the district goal for third-grade reading achievement.

The district is pleased to see the overall average, according to Bethany Massey, the district’s director of assessment. A plan was set last year to increase four percentage points each year over the next three, and this year’s score hits that target.

One of the highlights in the results include gains at Breckenridge Elementary. Scores rose from 76 percent proficient and advanced last year to 94 percent this year. It is the district’s highest performing school for third-grade reading this year.

Four elementary schools scored at or above the state average. Those schools were Breckenridge, Frisco, Summit Cove and Upper Blue elementaries. Dillon Valley third-graders scored 53 percent proficient and advanced, which is two percentage points higher than last year’s scores and nine percentage points higher than the 2010 results.

Silverthorne Elementary increased its third-grade scores to 63 percent, an increase of two percentage points from 2011.

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Students in third through 10th grades annually participate in the transitional assessment program, which evaluates reading/writing, math and science for fifth, eighth and 10th grade.

Third-graders are tested in literacy earlier than the other grades due to the Colorado Basic Literacy Act, which says districts need to be providing interventions for students who are behind. In order to target those children, third-graders are assessed earlier.

Results for the other subjects and grades are expected in August.

Third grade is the first grade level that students participate in the state assessment, so the results represent baseline data for students. Students receive growth scores after participating in the assessment for two years.