Summit County volunteers sought for recycling study |

Summit County volunteers sought for recycling study

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Summit County, CO Colorado

Local environmentalists are pairing with the county to study an untapped sector ” multi-family developments ” in hopes of reducing trash.

The High Country Conservation Center and Summit County Recycling are seeking condo complexes, townhouses and homeowner’s associations to participate in the six- to eight-month pilot study to increase recycling collection in multi-family dwellings.

The study will investigate if multi-unit residences can get recycling services on top of trash removal at low or no additional cost. Participants will receive free recycling collection for the length of the study.

“We want to develop ways to get people to recycle more,” said Carly Wier, director of the conservation center. “It’s quite a challenge usually in condo complexes. … We’re looking to expand recycling at multi-family places, and this pilot helps us learn what works in Summit County in these types of housing units.”

The pilot study will start in June, and it’s focused on residential developments with a high percentage of year-round residents.

Many full-time residents live in condos and other multi-family units, said Kevin Berg, recycling operations supervisor with Summit County Resource Allocation Park.

“I’m sure a lot of those people are using the drop-off center, but I want to give more recycling opportunities to a larger population,” Berg said.

A recycling bin must be picked up by a different truck, so ultimately recycling programs at multi-family residences won’t be free, Berg said. However, he hopes that the pilot study will show that recycling collection is affordable.

If the study proves that a smaller trash volume ” created by recycling ” lowers trash-removal costs, homeowner’s associations potentially could purchase a recycling-collection service with the money being saved, Berg added.

“What we’d like to do is figure out collection systems so we have a few models,” Wier said.

Participants must be willing to assist in the pilot study, including acting as liaison between HOA and condo/townhouse residents and recycling pickup.

“Whether it works or not, that’s the goal,” Berg said. “That’s what the study is about, trying to figure it out.”

Applications are due by April 24. For more information, contact the High Country Conservation Center at (970) 668-5703 or

Caitlin Row can be reached at (970) 668-4633 or at

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