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Summit County weekend in music

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Sounds like: Marley Meets Morcheeba. We play a mix of originals and covers by the Marleys, Steel Pulse, Morcheeba and Sublime deep thick beats surrounded by four-part harmonies. We have been described as acoustic dub with huge harmonies; we mix originals and covers in a reggae, dub, downtempo style.Home base: Vail and DenverConnection to Breck: I toured for years with SUCKER and had lots of memorable nights in your town. I have played every venue in Breck from 1995 up until a few years ago when I took a break, Stoughton said. Wider connections: I toured nationally with Leftover Salmon where I laid down the first ever rap-grass. During my touring days, I sat in with Les Claypool, Sam Bush, Karl Denson, Particle, Bela Fleck and more. After taking a few years off to shake off the road and refocus, I began working on a solo record with DJ Psychonaut; the desire to play the new tracks live led to the new band.If your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A dried cactus: The Indians would use them as percussion instruments, rain sticks etc., and play them around the fire that organic sound is deep and beautiful!Why do people love ya? Because we are truly doing the music we love, keeping it simple and deep! Plus we don’t take it too seriously, and we are having the best time on stage!How do you keep it fresh? All of us contribute and all of us really enjoy this new project so much and see so much potential! We work on new material constantly and really are all huge reggae fans!Whats the craziest thing the band has done together? Last month we were shooting a video with us singing in the shower together!Who: Trevor G. PotterWhen and where: Saturday at South Park in Alma and Sunday at Mother Loaded Tavern in Breckenridge

Home base: Steamboat SpringsType of music you play: Americana a drifter and driller of oil wellsIf your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A bottle of beer; its easy to open, only partially transparent, a taste sensation and recyclable.Why do people love ya? I’m ruggedly handsome in an Ol’ Yeller kind of way.How do you keep it fresh? I proceed at a slow and deliberate pace so I’m prepared for potential impact.Weirdest experience? Grocery shopping in Albania, or Ohio.

Tony Furtado follows his heart when it comes to writing music even if it means opening his latest album with an instrumental banjo tune, The Bawds of Euphony, named after the poetry of Wallace Stevens. But, by the time a musician makes a name for himself like Furtado has done, and releases his fourteenth album (Deep Water), he can pretty much do whatever he wants. In fact, thats why people seem to like him.(I) let the music and the crowd sit in the drivers seat, Furtado said, admitting the statement sounded a little cheesy, then adding, I play whatever I really want to!Based in Portland, Ore., Furtado traveled to Boston, away from his managers, label employees, publicists, and even family and friends, to create a record true to his heart. He blended his love of slide guitar, his amazing banjo picking and his personal depth to present songs that range in emotional tone from joy and love to despair and hopelessness.To me, this album is a snapshot of my life and the world around me when I wrote and recorded it, he wrote in his biography. Influences ranged from the politically charged air and environmentally changing world, to the authors I was reading (Edward Abbey, Wallace Stevens Charles Bukowski, Richard Wright) and songwriters I was listening to (Tom Waits, Elliot Smith, Bon Iver). I have to say, this album ranks pretty high on the moody scale for me.Still, Furtado doesnt let any despair creep into his live shows; in fact, he says his shows have something to offer everyone, including a few tales.I put on an exciting show high energy, even when Im solo, he said.

Furtado won two national Bluegrass Banjo Championships by the time he was 19, earning himself a reputation as a banjo prodigy. But he didnt just stick to the safety of what he knew best. Instead, he branched out musically, picking up the slide guitar and later fine-tuning his vocal talent. The slide guitar inspired a folksier feel of music.In the past 20 years, he has explored a variety of musical styles, leading him to open for musicians such as Greg Allman, Susan Tedeschi, Taj Mahal, Leftover Salmon and Eric Johnson and sharing the stage with Keith Richards, Derek Trucks and Norah Jones, among others.I don’t think I could ever be happy staying in any one place musically, Furtado said. Furtado brings his unique fusion of Americana, folk, rock and roots to Three20south in Breckenridge Wednesday. Hell perform with Willie Porter.

Where’d the name come from? We decided on the Stringdusters cause we play string music and thought it was cool. There was already a band called the Stringdusters, so we crowned ourselves Infamous.Home base: Nashville, Tenn., but three of us are from New York, one guy’s from Idaho, one’s from Wisconsin and I’m from Palmer Lake, Colo. Type of music: American acoustic, which is a combination of bluegrass, jazz, rock, fusion, folk with a little roots country thrown in.If your music was a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Jane Fonda fitness video: It’s a little sexy, rocks a little bit, makes you feel good before, during and after.Why do people love ya? I think it’s because what we do is real and interesting and unique. The shows are a good time; all kinds of people can dig on it.How do you keep it fresh? New material all the time. We also go new places, get in as much skiing as possible, and we enjoy the hang. It’s kinda like a never-ending college spring break road trip for us. Weirdest experience? Weirdest was the five weeks we spent in a van in Europe last may. One time, late at night after a gig, we saw a casino off the highway, so we shot off the interstate and got all fired up about how we were going to put all our tour money on red and spin the wheel. When we got close to the casino, we realized there were no cars in the parking lot. It was right about this time we realized that it was just a shopping mall with lots of shiny lights … we thought it was hilarious. I guess that’s not crazy, just stupid. At least it was funny.

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