Summit County’s April and May births |

Summit County’s April and May births

■ Lincoln Merle Frederichs was born on April 2 to Brittanie and Jason Fredericks of Alma

■ Gemma Francesca Cummons was born on April 3 to Alessandra and James Cummons of Silverthrone

■ Roslyn Monaech Stephens was born on April 4 to Alli and Matt Stephens of Grand Lake

■ Haven Adele Ostrander was born on April 10 to Zach and Mallory Ostrander of Silverthorne

■ Violet Mage Carnell was born on April 9 to Ryan and Taylor Carnell of Leadville

■ Joesph Charles Resta was born on April 7 to Joe and Candice of Fairplay

■ Angus Nelson Gordon was born on April 10 to Greg Iain Gordon and Melissa Lynn Blake of Fairplay

■ Odin Tripp Gustaf Hedberg was born on April 12 to Whitney and Olof Hedberg of Breckenridge

■ Giovanni Kai Goodweiler was born on April 15 to Adrianna and Nolan of Silverthorne

■ Ryker Patrick Ciccolella was born on April 13 to Chad and Allie Ciccolella of Frisco

■ Frank Leon West was born on April 17 to Tim and Lara West of Blue River

■ Camila Josephine Zeman was born on April 21 to Matt and Analiese Zeman of Dillon

■ Leonardo Martinez was born on April 22 to Nancy De La Cruz & Miguel Angel Martinez of Leadville

■ Lexi Mae Wellman was born on April 24 to Elliot and Tiffany Wellman of Leadville

■ Whitney Lee Nyden was born on April 26 to Nick and Meredith Nyden of Breckenridge

■ Carson Cade DeVoy was born on April 26 to Will & Jess DeVoy of Dillon

■ Elle Grace Messick was born on April 26 to Andrea and Jason of Dillon

■ Weston Jude Kummer was born on April 28 to Lindsey and C.Jay Kummer of Breckenridge

■ Zion Maverick Oharah was born on April 28 to Tanner and Greer Oharah of Buena Vista


■ Kaisley Marie Arnold was born on May 2 to Holly and Kaleb Arnold of Leadville

■ Marely Perea Lopez was born on May 12 to Rosa Lopez and Juan Perea of Leadville

■ Fabian Gomez Salcido was born on May 14 to Manuel Gomez and Adriana Salcido of Silverthorne

■ Brooks Michael Johnson was born on May 14 to Erik and Melissa Johnson of Dillon

■ Lillian Grace Dayton was born on May 16 to Josh and Sarah Dayton of Breckenridge

■ Lucile Mary Welch was born on May 17 to Dori and Justin Welch of Breckenridge

■ Evelyn Ryan Mallory was born on May 18 to Natalie and Ray Mallory of Breckenridge

■ Connor Fitzgerald Gadaire was born on May 18 to Zachary Gadaire and Madalyn Mora of Alma

■ Finn William Pasic was born on May 21 to Trenton and Katie Pasic of Breckenridge

■ Hazel Anne Kelly was born on May 23 to Molly and Ben Kelly of Breckenridge

■ Cameron Marston Laffey was born on May 24 to Brittney and Chris Laffey of Blue River

■ Emma Manguso was born on May 25 to Izick Manguso and Anna Cichowska of Kremmling

■ Owen Edwin Parry was born on May 26 to Louise and Kyle Parry of Keystone

■ Robert Keane Gunawan was born on May 28 to Mellisa and Arwin Gunawan of Silverthrone

■ Gregory Dean Rutherford was born on May 29 to Brian and Sheena Rutherford of Frisco

■ Jolee Antoinette Koetteritz was born on May 30 to John and Jessica Koetteritz of Silverthrone

■ Tyson James Pellant was born on May 30 to Matt and Erin Pellant of Fairplay

DOB: 05/30/19 Elina Solanki was born on May 30 to Kristal and Shakti Solanki of Dillon

■ Lirael Ellen Priester was born on May 31 to Corry Michael Priester and Cayla Ellen Deillo of Hartsel

■ Maeve Cassidy Avens Myatt was born on May 31 to Alissa and Steve Myatt of Silverthorne

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