Summit County’s June and August birth announcements |

Summit County’s June and August birth announcements

■ Eliana Teresa Dicerbo was born on Aug. 4 to Greg Dicerbo and Jamie Way of Breckenridge.

■ Mia Erin Babel was born on Aug. 8 to Rick and Emily Babel of Dillon.

■ Renton Rene Perez was born on Aug. 9 to Carlos Perez and Courtney Landis of Dillon.

■ Koleman Mitchell Steuber was born on Aug. 9 to Michelle and Kris Steuber of Dillon.

■ Aspen Coral Lee Anderson was born on Aug. 11 to Robby and Jess of Fairplay.

■ Marcus Dean Miller Hillegass was born on Aug. 16 to Terri Miller and Don Hillegass of Kremmling.

■ Haley Cricket Masters was born on Aug. 16 to Aaron and Tracy Masters of Silverthorne.

■ Juliette Hope Carden was born on Aug. 19 to Daniel and Katie Carden of Breckenridge.

■ Fineena Irene O’Maley Ramras was born on Aug. 21 to Meaghan O’Maley and Scott Ramras of Copper Mountain.

■ Gretchen Elise Delnay was born on Aug. 26 to Bruce and Susie Delnay of Silverthorne.

■ Annaleise Aurora Meyer was born on Aug. 26 to Christian Meyer and Yaneth Carballo of Silverthorne.

■ Hadley Jae Moore was born on Aug. 27 to Zach and Trisha Moore of Summit Cove.

■ Avery James Stiefel was born on Aug. 28 to James and Vanessa Stiefel of Parshall.

■ Skylar Ann Audie was born on Aug. 30 to Devon and Kari of Keystone.

June births

■ Landon G. Sprague was born on June 1 to Gailen and Allison Sprague of Empire.

■ Calhoun Ranger Juskowiak was born on June 2 to Chris and Carrie Juskowiak of Breckenridge.

■ Adilyn Kachely Mazza was born on June 4 to Rocky and Jennifer Mazza of Salida.

■ Reed Henry Massey was born on June 5 to James and Bethany of Breckenridge.

■ Sullivan Kerr Orme Wedlake was born on June 9 to Rich and Amber of Silverthorne.

■ Sadie Rose Shuman was born on June 8 to Shane and Devon Shuman of Blue River.

■ Scarlett-Rae Pomfret was born on June 10 to Frazer and Kaylyn Pomfret of Buena Vista and Scotland.

■ Daniel Aaron Ness-Monteverde was born on June 12 to Pam and Aaron Ness of Breckenridge.

■ Millie Rose Thein was born on June 15 to Nick and Mindy Thein of Breckenridge.

■ Liam Jace Devoy was born on June 14 to Will and Jessica Devoy of Fairplay.

■ Frances Boucher Alfermann was born on June 16 to Heather Boucher and Matt Alfermann of Breckenridge.

■ Carlos David Martinez Lopez was born on June 18 to Julia Lopez Lopez and Lauro Martinez Barcelos.

■ Rebekah Lynn McBride was born on June 19 to Nelson and Stephanie McBride of Leadville.

■ Valeria Miranda Garcia was born on June 19 to Ana Miranda of Silverthorne.

■ Caiden Gregory Colsch was born on June 20 to Naomi and Cody Colsch of Leadville.

■ Aiden Robert Williams was born on June 22 to Justin and Cassie Williams of Silverthorne.

■ Tyler Wayne Johnson was born on June 22 to Jason and Sara Johnson of Silverthorne.

■ Clark James Rathjen was born on June 24 to Kevin and Tessa Rathjen of Breckenridge.

■ Ryder Helmut Katzman was born on June 26 to Adam and Megan Katzman of Dillon.

■ Anna Betty Jakobik was born on June 26 to Jen and Dave Jakobik of Empire.

■ Greyson Joseph Welk was born on June 28 to Joe and Laura of Dillon.

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