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Summit County’s senior center bustling

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SUMMIT COUNTY – Fee increases on room rentals at the Summit County Community and Senior Center led to fewer reservations in 2009, but attendance increased and revenue more than doubled.

And there apparently wasn’t too much kicking or screaming when the hourly rate changed from $10 per room to up to $50.

“Basically, I would say the fee increases were really well-tolerated throughout the entire year,” said the facility’s manager, Kathryn Grohusky, at a county commissioners’ work session Tuesday.

The rates vary depending on the type of group using the center, which is in Frisco.

Summit County Senior Citizens, Inc. pay no fees. Commercial events and others – such as campaign activities, homeowners’ associations and weddings – are charged an hourly rate of $45 per room on weekdays and $50 per room on weekends.

The fee schedule applies differently to county-sponsored or funded organizations, nonprofits and others.

This was the first time the center’s fees had been increased since it opened in 2002.

“I certainly heard some complaints,” Commissioner Thomas Davidson said.

He said he’d prefer future fee increases to be incremental rather than a big increase every several years.

Grohusky has requested computer software to help with predicting revenue.

The 2009 revenue was $48,985, up from $18,676 in 2008.

Grohusky said initiall, 16 groups had complained of the increases and that now, “four are still crabby.”

The county’s general fund continues to subsidize most of the center’s cost, at roughly $200,000 per year.

In 2009, the center had about 58,000 visitors, up 36 percent from 2008. Reservations were down about 20 percent to 2,654.

Grohusky said the center averages 10 events per day.

She said a fee for the Summit County Rotary Club hadn’t been finalized, but that it’s “a bigger client than any of our other clients.”

The club had met at the Holiday Inn in Frisco until recently.

“I think it’s win-win,” Davidson, a Rotarian, said of plans for the club to meet at the center.

In the future, the center may begin charging services fees for before and after events, kitchen management and more.

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