Summit Daily letters: A Republican perspective on Polis’ town hall |

Summit Daily letters: A Republican perspective on Polis’ town hall

Polis town hall: A Republican perspective

A few Republicans attended the Polis Town Hall in Silverthorne last Thursday. It was an uninspiring question and answer session, with no discussion around the issues raised. Polis’ responses were predictable — Dem talking points and promotion of the current party line. Someone asked, Who/What is the Democrat Party? Jared Polis did not have an answer. He did not mention what his party stands for, its ideology, its hopes and dreams for a better nation, how to bring the country together. He did say when someone asked what she could do — “RESIST!”

Some Democrats were surprised that there weren’t any demonstrations. Really? Essentially Republicans are peaceful and respectful people, and accept the consequences of elections, whether they like their outcomes or not. However, we are thankful for and proud of the fact that we have significant control of the American federal government, and a majority of the state governments, at this time.

Elizabeth Wickert

Summit County Republicans

Fentanyl trial coverage was ‘amateur and ignorant’

Re: Summit Daily News editorial, “Fentanyl overdose trial raises tough questions

No questions were raised in any salient (or lack there of) part of this somewhat bland, overcast and biased article. Similar to the horrendous coverage last week, this is bottom-feeding journalism at best, depicting only one case, one narrative and one aspect of an epidemic sweeping the nation, not just the county. Instead of taking a regurgitating, cookie cutter-approach to reporting on the problem, why not research what current solutions or future possibilities are available for those in need and contribute some new rhetoric to the issues at hand? Why not reach out to someone on the side of real recovery in the community and supply actual testimony toward treatments and solutions? I would not have printed any of this coverage as a managing editor for my newspaper in college; it was amateur and ignorant at best. Sadly, the Summit Daily News ethics and reporting continues to recede like a hairline, offering only remnants of a once thick, lustrous head of hair. It may be time to start wearing a hat and covering it up, Summit Daily.

Mathew Crandall


Being polite on the path

The biking season is underway in Summit County, and my dog and I have already come close to being hit by a silent bicyclist whizzing by. Why is it that the rec paths (so termed because they are for shared use) in Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle counties and Estes Park all take the safety of their rec paths more serious than Summit County does? Each of these places have posted signs with large print at periodic intervals stating “CYCLISTS MUST GIVE AUDIBLE SIGNAL WHEN PASSING OTHER TRAIL USERS.” Garfield County has large yellow warning signs painted onto the rec path in addition to their posted signs. In the interest of preventing accidents and conflicts between pedestrians, dogs and cyclists, Summit County and/or each town within this county needs to put adequate warning signs up at periodic intervals. Silverthorne has small rec path user signs that have a warning for cyclists, but it’s in small print the 5th bullet point down. No cyclist whizzing by is going to see and read this as they go by. It’s completely inadequate and does nothing to mitigate a dangerous situation. It is incumbent upon every walker with or without a dog and/or stroller, and every runner, to keep to the right and exit paths to the right. I have seen many of these important messages on signs elsewhere too. Dogs can’t read but their owners can. In the interest of safety for all, let’s all do our part.

Toby Morey


A thank you to Summit Stage

On behalf of the teachers and parents of Lake Dillon Preschool I would like to thank the Summit Stage for their contribution and accommodation for us with transportation to Arapahoe Basin for ski school. In the past we have taken the public Summit Stage from Lake Dillon Drive to Keystone where we would board the Black Mountain Express then travel to A-Basin. This always proved to be quite the challenge and adventure with 35 3- to 5-year-old children and chaperones during the spring break season. I called in February to let them know about our numbers and dates that we would be traveling to A-Basin and simply asked that the driver help to make seats available for our kids. Being that every child must be sat in a seat in order for the bus to move and I have run into some confrontations in years past with adults refusing to forfeit their seats for them and caused some problems. My concern this year was our high numbers and let them know that without the transport from the Summit Stage our Ski School event would not be possible. Jim Andrews listened to my needs, understood and put the “wheels in motion” to accommodate our special needs. So instead of letting us battle the public crowds and transferring busses, Summit Stage and their employees went over the top this year with giving us a private bus to the mountain for our four separate ski school dates at the end of March and April.

We would like to express our highest gratitude to Jim Andrews for making this happen for us! Alex Soto was also amazing in facilitating our needs and helping this to transcend. She has always been available to us in the past and vouched for the incredible need that we have. Special thanks to Jakhongir Yuldashev for your presence and voice in the dispatch office along with Ben Britton and Josh Thompson for your kind voices and willingness to make this event possible. Thank you to Sisto Ortega for being our smiling, helpful kind face behind the wheel of the bus! The children love to magnets that you handed out, your helping hand and letting them pull the stop request cord to see what happens.

This is the true meaning of community, appreciation and the Summit County that I love and call home after all of these years. Summit County cares and Summit Stage is the way we all want to get there!

Vanessa Dominguez Gillespie

Preschool teacher at Lake Dillon Preschool

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