Summit Daily letters: People are dying, but politicians sit on their hands |

Summit Daily letters: People are dying, but politicians sit on their hands

The longer the politicians sit on their hands

The most devastating event a family can suffer is the loss of a child. And once again our Republican legislators bought by the billionaires and NRA have seen it happen yet again and have offered the same lame solutions and excuses.

“Now’s not the time to talk about it,” they say. “Let’s eliminate gun-free zones at airports, college campuses, schools, everywhere. More guns for everybody including a bill now being considered to let anyone, in any state carry a weapon into any other state with legal permission.”

The billionaires rail at a 2 or 3-percent tax increase but readily dole out 10 to 100 million dollars to elect these guys.

My grandchildren attend schools in California and Colorado. In order to enter these schools a parent must ring a doorbell and an escort is sent to check them out, admit and escort them to their place of business. They cannot just enter the school, pull a weapon out and start to shoot as in the Florida case.

Florida and this country are now being led by two of the most morally corrupt human beings ever. Not only that but by their draconian ideals cutting off aide in medicaid, medicare and social security, further stressing out those with mental problems and more — limiting their treatments. Not to mention the brilliant legislation to let those with mental problems carry a semi-automatic weapon.

Solutions? Stop electing those who like our adulterer president who received 27 million from the NRA and Senator Gardner and others who received 3-6 million dollars, and Gardner carrying on his fight to keep pot legal like alcohol to further diminish the judgment of those with mental problems.

The increased proliferation of semi automatic weapons is NOT the answer. Australia have an event such as the one we had frequently and initiated a buy back and haven’t had a problem since.

Our culture ranks the usual 15th in the world in happiness, education and medical. Why not look at the education systems of these socialized countries and see what we are doing wrong to breed the type of individuals who do these horrific acts.

W. Gerald Gird Jr.


Is Liddick playing fast and loose with statistics?

Regarding Morgan’s Feb 12 column, his premise is based on Treasury Statistics in the first paragraph. Everything I have read and seen shows his trickle-down premise is dead wrong.

So I went to FRED and pulled the data for “personal income taxes” from 1950 to present. It seems to me looking at the graph that FRED produced, revenue did not return to pre-tax cut levels for years afterwards. Is Morgan playing fast and loose with statistics? If you look out 10 years then his statement is accurate, but not relevant. When people try to play statistics with me, I remind them that everyone that ate pickles in 1800 is dead today.

This is perfectly correct and totally meaningless to equate that with pickles being bad for your health. Any statistic Morgan throws at you has to be taken in the same vein. Given that Morgan’s first paragraph is necessary for the balance of his column, I think we can safely disregard everything he wrote (as usual).

Donald Samuels


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