Summit Fat Tire Society to hold membership breakfast |

Summit Fat Tire Society to hold membership breakfast

SUMMIT COUNTY ” The newly rejuvenated Summit Fat Tire Society is holding their Annual Membership Drive Breakfast and Ride Sat. May 10, at the Hearthstone Restaurant in Breckenridge.

A local non-profit dedicated to supporting trails and mountain biking in Summit County, the Fat Tire Society is once again hosting the breakfast and ride after a several year hiatus.

“After our packed-house meeting last fall in regards to potential trail closures around the county, it became clear there needs to be a voice in the community dedicated to mountain biking,” said president and board member Mike Zobbe.

Breakfast will be provided for free from 7:30-10 a.m. for those who spend $15 to renew or join the Fat Tire Society. After the breakfast, the group will continue on to the Buena Vista area, where they will ride the Midland Trail, a popular ride for early season mountain bikers.

“It’s a great way to build our membership and get everyone informed about upcoming trails projects, and, most of all, get excited to get out of the snow and go ride,” said Chris Hart, owner of Great Adventure Sports in Breckenridge and founding board member of the organization.

Those interested in learning more about the event can contact Dave at (970)376-8323 or visit the organization’s website at

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