Summit High School freshmen learn about high school life at Jumpstart |

Summit High School freshmen learn about high school life at Jumpstart

Alli Langley
Payton Weinman, left, and Sarah Day, both 14-year-old Summit Cove residents, toss a ball to each other as part of a game Wednesday, Aug. 13, during the Summit High School freshmen orientation event called Jumpstart.
Alli Langley / |

Some are nervous. Most are excited. Ready or not, school starts Monday.

Summit High School held an orientation event called Jumpstart Wednesday, Aug. 13, to familiarize its 197 incoming freshmen with the campus and what it’s like to be a high schooler.

They played games outside with Keystone Science School staff members who taught them about the balance between not being involved in anything outside of class and being so involved that they might be overwhelmed with commitments.

They discovered the building through a scavenger hunt and answered questions about graduation requirements. Upperclassmen gave them academic and extracurricular advice and taught them chants and other traditions.

The freshmen asked questions about cell phone policy and lunch detention. Can we walk around barefoot? Do we have to go to the dances?

Mostly they laughed with their friends, spending one morning of the last week of summer vacation at school.

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