Summit kids write to make a difference |

Summit kids write to make a difference

The Summit Daily News and the Summit Prevention Alliance sponsored an elementary school essay contest about the meaning of community to help celebrate Make a Difference Day Oct. 11.

The winners were Linda Aichinger’s third grade class at Silverthorne Elementary School, Carol Clark’s second grade at Dillon Valley Elementary School and Silverthorne Elementary fifth-grader Mariah Mayerle.

Here is what they had to say.

Silverthorne Elementary

Abby Akers

When I think of community I think of people. I think it’s a group of people that goes out and picks up trash. I think a community is a school. I belong to a community of gymnasts. There are many different communities.

Vicente Flores

Whenever I think of community I think of a group of people working together. Our class is a community of learners. We learn about the universe. My team is a community of kids that like to play soccer. My family is a community of workers. I like being a part of a community.

Yubelli Salas

When I think of community I think of people playing basketball. We learn to shoot baskets. We learn to be a team. We go to different schools to play games. My community is a basketball team because I am on the team.

Coy Coker

When I think of community I think of team sports. I play two sports that are hard. One sport is soccer. Our team name is the Orange Hairballs. My second sport is football. We learned how to tackle. I love communities of sports.

Olivia Lincenberg

Since we have a community I’m going to talk about the people in it. There are firefighters in our community because they fight fires. The police help us if there is a robber around. There’s also doctors for checkups. I think our community is very safe because of these people.

Ben Eaton

When I think of community I think of a group of people working together. I play football on a team and we have to practice everyday to win a game. Our classroom teacher helps us a lot to get us ready for fourth grade. Our soccer team likes to work. I like to play and work in a community.

Erica Duplan

When I think of the word community it reminds me of some dancers in my dance class. Community means a lot of dancers that dance together. Second, we learned a lot of dance steps and put them together to do all at the same time. Third, we do our dance on the stage at the Silverthorne Pavilion for other members of the community. I think it is good to be a part of the dance community.

Cole Yates

When I think of community it makes me think of the teams I am a part of. Soccer is a community of people playing a game together. My third grade classroom is a community of learners. I did ski with a community of skiers called the Copper Choppers. We are a community of people that have teamwork.

Liliana Salazar

When I think of community I think of people playing basketball. They help each other learn how to stay in balance with the ball. They learn how to shoot the basketball. We are getting better at our ball skills. My community is important to me because I am on the basketball team.

Emma Barnes

When I think of community I think of these three things. Community means a group of people talking about different interests. Community means a bunch of people who live close together. Community means some people who get together to make a neighborhood a better place. As I told you, when I think of community I think of people working as a team.

Jocelyne Ruiz

When I think of community I think of

math teams. When I think of community I think of reading teams. I think of playing teams at recess. A community is a group of teams.

Michelle Nalyanya

Whenever I think of my Girl Scout troop I think of being a helpful person in my community. Wherever we go we’re always nice. When I think about Girl Scouts I know it is about caring people. I like to be a Girl Scout because it is real fun to help other people. I like to be in the Girl Scout troop community.

Dillon Valley Elementary

Noah Sadle

I like my community because I go swimming with Molly. Boy it is convenient to have a swimming pool around. I love having City Market close to me. I couldn’t live without food. I would go bonkers if I went a day without food. The U.S. Postal Service is magnificent. It is real cool for the mailman. Truly, my community is cool.

Sean Fatora

What community means to me: First, I feel safe when the police are around so a robber doesn’t steal my money. Next, you can go eat at the pizza store and buy some. Then you can go to the shop and buy some fruits and vegetables. Last, I am so happy that the firemen are around so my house doesn’t burn out. Finally, a school is a place to learn about your community and to learn about famous people. In fact, I go to a school that teaches me about my community.

Kevin Clark

What a community means to me: Police make me feel safe when I am alone. A hospital is good to have if you break your leg. School is a place to learn and play. This community is a great place to live.

Molly Murphy

I like living in this community because there are a lot of services. First, there is a hair salon. They help you when your hair is very messy. Next, we have a taxi in our community. The taxi helps when you don’t have a car. Then there is the medical center. It helps when you are sick. In fact, I love this community.

Ciara Morrison

Community means grocery stores, rec centers and post offices. The people there are so nice. If you don’t have any money they will let you write a check. They are so kind. Next, I love rec centers. I swim at the Silverthorne rec center and it is very fun. Sometimes my cousin comes over and we go down the big blue slide and we do surfer man and we go down a red slide. Last, is the post office. My mom loves the post office because you can get stamps, letters and postcards.

Joel Gutierrez

Community is a place you can play, and you can work, and it is a place you can live, and it is a place where you can eat, and a place where you can go to restaurants and a place where you can sleep, and a place where you can be a policeman, and a place where you can be a teacher.

Alex DeBonville

I like my community because of Copper Mountain and the police and the Trans-Lux Theater. I like Copper Mountain. It is a fun place to ski. My dad works there. The police make me feel safe. I like to watch movies so I go to the Trans-Lux Movie Theater. This is what community means to me.

Robert Koegel

Community means a lot to me, like Keystone, because I think exercising is good for you. I would like to say thank you to the Marines because we haven’t had a terrorist attack since September 11th. Finally, I would like to say a few words about school. We have a great school. I feel like I can get my doctorate degree. As you can see, this is what I think of our community.

Ben Biebl

My community offers a lot of different things. First, the police make me feel good. They protect you. It’s like a force field. Then there is the animal shelter. They help the stray animals in the county. Finally, there is Pizza Hut. They make the best pizza. That’s why I like our community.

Cade Grosskruetz

The ski areas, the police and the schools make this community a great place to live. To begin with, I like having a ski area here because I like to ski. Next, school makes this community a great place to live. Finally, there is the police department. I feel safe having them here so I don’t die. All in all, this is great place to ski.

Jordan Bund

Living in this community means there are many things to do. First there is an animal shelter in this community. Next, I like this school because it helps me learn. Finally, my dad works at the Dillon Dam Brewery and they have an arcade. Why I like this community is, it’s a fun place to live!

Meg Jorgensen

In my community there’s police, schools and banks. Police help people a lot. They also put people in jail. At school, people help people when they need help, especially when they are new kids in the school. And a lot of times there’s doughnuts at the bank! All in all, I really like my community.

Rita Froth

I love my community and these are some of the reasons why. I like having a bank in my community so people can put money in the bank. It keeps money safe too. Next, having a Wal-Mart in my community is nice. We can have food and sweets from having a Wal-Mart here. I like having a vet because I love pets (or animals). Another reason is, we can help animals. All in all, I love my community.

Yana Shandaliy

First, I like the schools in this community. They help us learn, and read and write. Next, I like the animal shelter because it helps animals live. Also, it helps animals find homes. Last I like fairs. They are a great place to have fun and play games. All in all, this is a great place to be.

Robby Allen

Community means a place where you can play, live and work. I feel safe around the police because they can help you. The rec center is a great place to play. Next, day camp is the best place to take your child. Finally, I love this community.

Monika Keiser

A community means being able to shop in my town. First, I am glad that my town has a Clair’s because I like jewelry. Next, I love clothes so I am glad we have a Target. Finally, it is very good to have food. All in all, it is good to shop in my community.

Gavin McAllister

Community means being safe. The police help keep us all safe. Also, soldiers keep us free. For stuff to do, there is the rodeo. I like living in this community.

Justine Arbuckle

A-1 Auto is where my dad works. Cleaning is very exciting because my mom works at Chateau Clair and I help. Also, the medical clinic is good to have in our community because it helped me when I got in my car crash. All in all, I have a great town.

Mariah Mayerle

Make a Difference Day is a day to help others. It is a celebration for you to help neighbors. Anyone can participate. Saturday is the 13th annual Make a Difference Day. Make a Difference Day is a day when the whole country comes together to help in any way they can to make their community a better place to live.

Make a Difference Day is a time to bring people together into a group and work on a project with each other. When people work together they become friends. Then people learn about each other and begin to work in peace and harmony.

In Silverthorne, our community can work together to make Silverthorne a better place to live. Here are some ideas we can do on make a Difference Day. Your group could: help at a church, visit a senior citizen, fundraise for park equipment, plant trees around the new elementary school, give your parents a day off while having a place for the kids to play and have fun, volunteer to clean the kennels at the animal shelter, participate in a winter clothes drive, plant flowers on the Silverthorne road medians or have a bark in the park day just for dogs.

Clearly, Make a Difference Day is a very special day. It is the best time to get to know one another and become friends.

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