Summit locals dish on favorite rides for different conditions and experiences |

Summit locals dish on favorite rides for different conditions and experiences

Colorful aspen trees hint at the golden fall foliage ahead during fall on the Aspen Alley trail in Breckenridge.
Photo from Summit Daily archives

DILLON — Looking for an ideal trail for a certain kind of conditions or ride experience? The Summit Daily gathered together 11 of the most passionate members of the local mountain biking and cycling community to share their favorite trails, routes and rides for different conditions.

Summit biking experts

Jared Black has been the manager at Ridden in Breckenridge since 2012. An avid cyclist for seven years, Jared has an extensive knowledge of year-round fat-tire biking, and he loves riding his fat-tire bike all winter and summer long.

Ben Ferrante is the president of the Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance and has been on the organization’s board since 2012. He has a deep passion to protect Summit’s trails and to help cultivate a tight-knit biking community and amazing trail network throughout Summit County.

Brent Ford is the general manager of Pioneer Sports in Frisco and Silverthorne and is a passionate cyclist who routinely rides trails and terrain of all kinds in Summit County.

Lasse Konecny is an up-and-coming junior elite mountain biker from Breckenridge who started off riding on training wheels and is now riding up to 50 miles a day on trails across Summit. Recently, he’s become one of the state’s best competitive youth mountain bikers and travels abroad to compete in junior elite events.

Camden Latimer‘s life has revolved around cycling culture from a young age. For the past 12 years, he has worked with bikes in some capacity. Currently, he spends most of the year traveling around the western U.S. working at mountain bike events for Rocky Mountain Bicycles.

Phil Lindeman is a former sports editor for the Summit Daily and current news director for Krystal 93 radio. He filmed the first Explore Summit virtual bike guide in 2015, when he discovered and fell in love with Summit’s short and punchy lunch loops. Find him riding Breckenridge on weekdays and Frisco on weekends.

Scott Reid is the director of recreation for the town of Breckenridge and an avid mountain biker who loves spreading the joy to others, whether it be kids, beginners or seasoned riders. Scott has done the Breck Epic a number of times as well as the local Summit Mountain Challenge series and now focuses on cultivating a great system of trails to share with others.

Taylor Shelden grew up in Summit County before a pro cycling career took him and his bike all over the world. Taylor is now retired from road racing, but that just means he gets to spend more time enjoying the trails in Summit.

Jeff Westcott, known as “Westy” to most around the county, is the man behind all of the Mav Sports Promotions these days. His job includes bringing the heart of the Summit County sports scene together for the annual Summit Mountain Challenge, which features more than a half-dozen mountain bike events for riders of all ages and abilities each summer. Westy also operates and directs events like the Imperial Challenge, a one-of-a-kind skiing event that incorporates a cycling component.

Scott Winn is an avid cyclist and bike service manager at Pioneer Sports in Frisco. When he’s not tuning up bikes for a cruise down Vail Pass or a climb up the scenic Frisco Peninsula trails, he’s riding all around the county from his home in Silverthorne.

James Welch is the vice president of the Summit County Mountain Bike Alliance, for which he manages IT and alliance memberships. One of the most passionate mountain bikers in the county, James loves getting out on his bike alone to enjoy the high Alpine.

Here’s the lowdown, straight from the Summit sources, on what you need to know:

Favorite white-knuckle downhill

  • Brent Ford: The double blacks at Keystone Bike Park
  • Camden Latimer: Lenawee Trail off the backside of A-Basin
  • Phil Lindeman: The Keystone Far East Blacks — Cowboy Up to Holy Diver to Paid-In-Full to Wild Thing at Keystone Bike Park
  • James Welch: Lenawee Trail
  • Jared Black: The bus loops from the top of Baldy
  • Lasse Konecny: B-Line
  • Scott Reid: Wheeler Trail to Spruce Creek Trail
  • Scott Winn: The Miners Creek Trail from Breck into Frisco
  • Taylor Shelden: Barney Flow to B-Line to Sidedoor
  • Jeff “Westy” Westcott: Lenawee Trail to 100 Acre Woods

Favorite 1-hour loop

  • Brent: Groovy Trail loop via Soda Creek
  • Camden: Tiger Dredge up Summit Gulch Road down to ZL
  • James: The Soda Creek-Soda Ridge loop
  • Phil: Pick a route in the Frisco Peninsula
  • Jared: The Flumes Loop
  • Lasse: B&B to Minnie Mine and down
  • Scott Reid: The Sidedoor-Slalom combo
  • Scott Winn: Frisco to Copper recpath
  • Taylor: Boreas Pass Road to Baker’s Tank to Aspen Alley
  • Westy: B&B to Turks to Sallie Barber down Barney Ford to V3

Favorite trail to kick your butt

  • Camden: Great Flume to Georgia Pass
  • James: West Ridge
  • Phil: The Soda Creek Scramble route
  • Jared: Burro Trail to Wheeler
  • Lasse: Vomit Hill
  • Scott Reid: Anything in the Golden Horseshoe
  • Scott Winn: Colorado Trail to Serale Pass to Camp Hale
  • Taylor: Pennsylvania Gulch — in either direction
  • Westy: Little French

Favorite trail for the views

  • Ben Ferrante: Way up high on Miners Creek
  • Brent: Oro Grande Trail
  • Camden: Lenawee Trail
  • James: Wide Open on Tenderfoot Mountain
  • Jared: Baker’s Tank off Boreas Pass Road
  • Phil: Boreas Pass all the way to Como
  • Lasse: Boreas Pass Road to the Divide
  • Scott Reid: Colorado Trail
  • Scott Winn: Oro Grande
  • Taylor: Aspen Alley
  • Westy: Wheeler southbound

Favorite fall foliage ride

  • Ben: Aspen Alley
  • Brent: The rec path from Frisco to Copper
  • Camden: Gold Rush down to Como
  • James: Wild Thing at Keystone Bike Park
  • Jared: Aspen Alley
  • Phil: Lower Salt Lick network
  • Lasse: Aspen Alley
  • Scott Reid: Gold Rush down to Como
  • Scott Winn: Aspen Alley
  • Taylor: Aspen Alley
  • Westy: Aspen Alley

Favorite winter fat-tire terrain

  • Ben: Turks Trail
  • James: Turks Trail
  • Jared: Turks Trail in the Sallie Barber area
  • Lasse: Gold Run Nordic Center
  • Scott Reid: French Gulch
  • Scott Winn: Frisco Peninsula
  • Taylor: B&B Trail and Turks Trail
  • Westy: French Gulch

Favorite downhill trail at Keystone Bike Park

Editor’s note: Though some bike park trails are located on U.S. Forest Service land and are accessible via uphill, the bike park is closed to lift-served riding and park jumps and features are closed and not being maintained by park staff. Find more information at

  • Brent: Helter Skelter
  • Camden: Helter Skelter
  • James: Jam Rock
  • Phil: Paid-In-Full
  • Lasse: Helter Skelter
  • Scott Winn: Money
  • Westy: Green or blue runs — I’m not skilled or young enough for the black

Favorite singletrack

  • Ben: The Colorado Trail starting at Kenosha Pass
  • Brent: Soda Creek to Groovy loop
  • Camden: The Georgia Pass descent on the Colorado Trail
  • Jared: Peaks Trail
  • Phil: Aspen Alley
  • Lasse: Little French Trail
  • Scott Reid: The one in front of your tire
  • Scott Winn: Peaks Trail
  • Taylor: Great American Flume, off the backside of Little French, connecting Little French to the Colorado Trail
  • Westy: Colorado Trail

Favorite technical rocks-and-roots ascent

  • Brent: Peaks Trail
  • Camden: Peaks Trail to the top of Gold Hill
  • Jared: Spruce Creek to Wheeler trail
  • Phil: Baker’s Tank
  • Lasse: The climb up Little French
  • Scott Reid: The south fork of the Swan to Georgia Pass
  • Scott Winn: Miners Creek
  • Taylor: Humbug Hill
  • Westy: North Fork

Favorite flow trail

  • Ben: Gold Dust
  • Brent: Baker’s Tank
  • Camden: Sidedoor
  • James: Slalom
  • Jared: Barney Flow trails
  • Phil: Slalom
  • Lasse: Sidedoor
  • Scott Reid: Barney Flow
  • Scott Winn: B-Line
  • Taylor: The new Hard Luck trail off Gold Run in the middle flume and into Tom’s Baby
  • Westy: V3

Favorite trail for sunset

Ben: The ridgeline at the Frisco Peninsula
Brent: Oro Grande
Camden: Red Trail to the Colorado Trail, or in reverse
James: Wide Open on Tenderfoot
Jared: Mike’s Trail into Upper Flumes
Phil: Wheeler to the saddle between Peaks 8 and 9
Lasse: Frisco Peninsula’s Buzzsaw trail
Scott Reid: West Ridge
Scott Winn: Oro Grande
Taylor: The middle and upper flume in the Flume Trails in the Highlands
Westy: Baker’s Tank

Favorite trail to impress your out-of-town friends
Brent: Baker’s Tank
Camden: Miners Creek
James: Keystone Bike Park
Jared: Carter Park switchbacks to Barney Ford trails to French Creek
Phil: Peaks Trail
Lasse: V3
Scott Reid: It depends on what kind of rider they are. The choices here are great.
Scott Winn: Baker’s Tank to Aspen Alley
Taylor: Up Backdoor and down Sidedoor
Westy: Horseshoe Gulch

Favorite trail for beginners
Ben: Perimeter Trail at Frisco Peninsula
Brent: Frisco Peninsula Perimeter Loop
Camden: Oro Grande
James: Girl Scouts at Keystone Bike Park
Jared: The river trail along the rec path in Breck
Phil: Pick something out of B&B Trailhead
Lasse: The Frisco Pensinsula
Scott Reid: The river trail in Breck
Scott Winn: Frisco Peninsula Perimeter Loop
Taylor: Frisco Peninsula
Westy: Oro Grande area

Favorite trail to get air on
Ben: Sidedoor
Camden: Money at Keystone Bike Park
James: B-Line
Jared: Hard Luck
Phil: Money at Keystone Bike Park
Lasse: Barney Flow
Scott Reid: B-Line
Taylor: Sidedoor
Westy: Barney Ford/Barney Flow

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