Summit Recycling recycles itself |

Summit Recycling recycles itself

KIMBERLY NICOLETTIsummit daily news

FRISCO – As the county prepares to take over recycling, the Summit Recycling Project (SRP) is reinventing itself. The nonprofit will become the High Country Conservation Center, which will help educate and encourage recycling, as well as provide energy conservation resources.When Tim McClure founded SRP in 1976, one of his main goals was to promote resource conservation, said Carly Wier, executive director of SRP. These days, Wier sees an increased interest in energy conservation. She’s had requests for energy-use audits in homes and people asking her where to buy compact fluorescent bulbs.”With energy prices increasing, the time is right to provide energy conservation resources,” she said. In 2006, the nonprofit will offer a home energy audit program, which will give homeowners a thorough review of energy leaks and uses, including choice of appliances, insulation and window coverings. In the spring, Wier will roll out a mountain compost program, in which 12 to 15 volunteers will learn about composting and help others in the community.The nonprofit also will promote recycling through education and ads, brochures, mailers and a website.