Summit Sluggers locals team tops Colorado Territory in fun-loving, first-ever vintage ‘base ball’ game |

Summit Sluggers locals team tops Colorado Territory in fun-loving, first-ever vintage ‘base ball’ game

FRISCO — The Summit Sluggers are undefeated after an instant-classic afternoon at the Frisco Adventure Park.

The Sluggers — comprised of 16 familiar Summit County locals — defeated the visiting Star Base Ball Club of the Colorado Territory by the tally of 19-12 Saturday afternoon at the base ball garden at Frisco Adventure Park. The match between the two clubs, played in 19th-century style and with 1864 rules, was a first-of-its-kind fundraiser for the Summit Historical Society.

LIVE: Your Summit County Sluggers take on The Star Base Ball Club of the Colorado Territory in the Summit Historical Society’s first-ever 1864-rules vintage Base Ball game at Frisco Adventure Park

Posted by Summit Daily News on Saturday, June 29, 2019

In the end, the Sluggers corralled the match’s momentum after a top-of-the-third inning Howitzer Shot by team manager Billy “Fudd” Phelan of Silverthorne that brought three aces home for a 7-3 margin. Though the Star Base Ball Club rebounded for four tallies in the bottom-of-the-third inning, the visiting Colorado Territory club would only muster a further five tallies on the afternoon while the Sluggers tacked on a dozen more.

The match was a sudden-yet-successful learning process for the Sluggers, as the collection of Summit County softball ballists settled into the match early to keep pace with the veterans from the Colorado Territory despite some hiccups, such as forgetting the rule that base runners must not run through the first bag.

“Knowing the rules and remembering them in the moment are two different things all together,” Louis “Tuna” Skowyra said.

The Sluggers soon found their groove, however, adeptly reacting to one-bounce skimmers with tricky spin in the inner garden while scouting one-bouncers without spin well in the outer garden.

The Sluggers were more efficient than the visitors in front of an impressive crowd of cranks at the Frisco Adventure Park, converting 33 of their times on base into 19 aces while the visitors mustered just 12 tallies off of 26 times on base. And the game was decided on a promptly secured daisy-cutter struck toward Slugger Scott “The Cannon” Sussman. Sussman converted a vintage double-play by hurling the ball at first-baseman Timmy “King Air” Croon who back-handed a one-handed scoop in the bottom of the ninth to commence the celebration.

After the game, visiting team manager Stephen “Scorpion” Castellani spoke glowingly of the Sluggers and their crowd of cranks — the most he’s ever seen for an inaugural game — and hinted the new Rocky Mountain club may have a future, indeed.

“And they tried to go for what today would be the ESPN highlight reel with a fantastic attempt in center field,” Scorpion said of Phil “Cheesesteak” Lindeman’s handsome effort in the outer garden. “Just the fielding of the sluggers was outstanding for a first-time team.”

Summit Sluggers Box Score

Player, town, aces (runs), times on base
Billy “Fudd” Phelan, Silverthorne, 1, 3
Scott “The Cannon” Sussman, Dillon, 1, 2
Tim “King Air” Cron, Silverthorne, 2, 2
Shervin “Shevy” Rashidi, Keystone, 0, 1
Louis “Tuna” Skowyra, Dillon, 2, 3
Liz “Lizard” Hodson, Silverthorne, 2, 2
Mark ” Caesar” Schieffer, Breckenridge, 1, 2
Bill “Hollywood” Herman, Keystone, 0, 2
Andrew “Panda” Stevens, Frisco, 0, 0
Elisabeth “Commish” Lawrence, Breckenridge, 0, 0
Aaron “Scootz” Hofmeister, Dillon, 2, 3
Phil “Cheesesteak” Lindeman, Frisco, 2, 3
“Iggy,” 3, 4
“Matty Luke,” 2, 3
“The Mich,” 1, 1
“The Kid,” 0, 2
Team, 19, 33

Arbitrator (Umpire): “Cannibal”
Tally keeper (Scorer): “Hustler”
Weather: Partly cloudy, windy


Video by Antonio Olivero and Heather Jarvis, Summit Daily staff

The Star Base Ball Club of the Colorado Territory Box Score

Player, aces (runs), times on base

“Shiney,” 2, 4
“Scorpion,” 1, 2
“Viking,” 1, 1
“Bucky,” 1, 1
“Meat,” 0, 4
“Suds,” 0, 1
“Dilly Dally,” 1, 2
“Ginger,” 0, 0
“Crush,” 1, 1
“Gordo,” 1, 2
“Jack Rabbit,” 1, 2
“East Coast,” 1, 2
“Stix,” 1, 1
“Traveller,” 1, 3
Team, 12, 26

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