Summit Stage to inherit eight buses from Front Range |

Summit Stage to inherit eight buses from Front Range

Daily News staff report

Summit Stage officials recently learned that the local transit system will inherit not five, but eight hand-me-down buses from a now-defunct Front Range bus system.

The five-year-old coaches, which would have had a collective price tag of nearly $4 million if purchased new, will cost the Stage only $224,000.

“It’s a great deal,” Summit Stage director John Jones said. “A great opportunity for us and will save the Stage a lot of money.”

Officials intend to use the buses to implement a plan to install bicycle racks inside at least 10 Stage buses.

“We can at least double our carrying capacity for bicycles,” Jones said. “I think that will be a big help for the customer.”

The buses belonged to Colorado Springs’ Front Range Express, which is being shut down. They will be black, rather than the blue and white of the existing Stage fleet.

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Officials say the second-hand buses are exactly the same as the newer coaches in the Summit Stage fleet, but are higher quality than the older buses they will replace.

“They’re low mileage for their age and in very good condition,” Jones said. “They’ll also have an emissions package, so they’ll run cleaner.”

Eight old Stage buses will be taken out of the line up to make room for the newcomers.