Summit Stage welcomes dogs on board |

Summit Stage welcomes dogs on board

Summit Stage will now allow leashed dogs on board without a carrier.

The Summit Stage free bus service announced that they will now allow dogs to board their buses. Previously, dogs were only allowed on board in a pet carrier. However, leashed dogs can now board with their furparents and ride the bus like dignified canines. The new policy only applies to dogs and no other pet animals. Dogs must be leashed and under owner control at all times, and can only sit on the floor, unless they're small enough to actually be considered a "lap dog" that are small enough to sit in their owner's lap without touching the seat. They must also have a current dog license registered with the county. And, of course, they must be good boys and girls while on board – no aggression, no fighting, barking or whining. Aggressive, loud, unruly dogs or dogs that are not housebroken will be refused service.

­— Deepan Dutta

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