Summit Up 03-08-10 |

Summit Up 03-08-10

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column taking photos of poop and sending them to our boss.

OK, this sounds awkward. And a bit weird. But we had to do it.

An animal of an unknown variety was leaving gigantic turds in the middle of our walkway almost nightly – for more than a week.

We’d wake up, walk outside with our dog, and there smack dab in the way – the scat would be.

We kept our shovel handy, as the animal favored a certain locale right by the house. And then we’d come to work, complain about the poop and wonder if our yard had become a toilet for an errant camper.

It was getting pretty frustrating, not to mention slightly scary. Because bears are still sleeping, right? What type of animal would be creating such a large, human-looking poo?

So, we took a photo and sent it to our boss, who in turn sent it to the Keystone Science School for identification.

The expert then wrote back, saying: “Not to go EXTREME, but I’m going with a bear. You can see seeds and what looks like bone fragments. The color indicates an omnivore (less greenish yellow, more brownish red). How big was this? My only other guess is one of the neighbors.”

Apparently, the bears of Breckenridge are awake. Keep your garbage safely stored and out

of the way!


In other news, we unfortunately have a Scum Alert!!

Scum Alert!! from Peggy Windle, who wrote: “I’m wondering if you could do me a very large favor. Just about an hour ago my husband and I moved our (1963) Buick Electra back out to my clients where she goes in a garage for most of the winter. While we were putting her back, we noticed that some (type of bad person) had taken a crowbar to the front bumper and removed the medallion and broke the grill. This had to happen at Airport Road where she was parked temporarily while my client needed her garage. I would like to put this in the SCUM ALERT of the Summit Daily!!

I don’t know if it will do any good, but I could cry. This was my mom and dad’s car!!”

Windle said that if the emblem is returned, no questions will be asked. Call her at (970) 390-3016.

Vandalism stinks! Come on, people. We expect better of our fair county and all its inhabitants.


And in custom-car news, Ted Slaughter sent in some photos

of a 1957 Nash Metropolitan “Metro Sled” – a custom-built car turned snowmobile that’s seriously rockin.’

Somewhere on this page, you’ll see this awesome car/snowmobile hybrid.

The e-mail says it costs $10,000 OBO. It’s a little pricey for our blood, but man we wish we could have it.

Slaughter wrote that it’s a snowmobile for grandpas.

We disagree – we think it’s a snowmobile for anyone who’s super cool and has lots of extra moolah in the bank. May the bidding begin.


We’re out, on the lookout for bears in our snowmobile hybrid.

We wish.

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