Summit Up 03-15-10 |

Summit Up 03-15-10


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column super psyched about spring skiing and all that entails – soft snow, light jackets, barbecue and cold beverages.

Arapahoe Basin’s beach days seem to be starting up, and we love that friendly, party feel. We’re already planning many jaunts to A-Basin to soak in the rays – preferably through June.

We’ve been semi-indifferent about the ski season for much of the winter, though we’re always happy to make turns with our friends. Even so, we’ve decided this is our time to shine!

Even more exciting, springtime is officially starts on Saturday so now we can start planning for our annual house cleaning, new summer outfits (like shorts and dresses!) and mud-season vacations. Plus sunsets will come later in the day, so its “game on” for evening runs and outdoor dinners.


In out-of-town news, we have a lovely message about our newspaper from some readers who live in Taneyville, Mo.

Reed and LeAnn Jones wrote: “In your Summit Up article on 3/12, you said you were surprised that someone from Littleton was reading your newspaper. Well, we live 800 miles away and rarely miss a day with you guys thanks to the magic of the Internet.

We used to live in the great state of Colorado, so thanks for keeping us up on life in the High Country. Oh by the way, Taneyville is in southwest Missouri near Branson in case you didn’t know. Haha.”

Thanks, Reed and LeAnn! It’s great that you keep up with Summit County news online. Keep on visiting, and please tell your friends.


Here’s an important announcement for all our local book lovers: Drop off those books you want to pass along at the North Branch Summit County Library and come by to refill your shelves. Why? The annual spring book sale is coming up on April 2 and 3, so books need to be donated by March 31 at the main library in Frisco or the North Branch Library in Silverthorne. This is the library’s biggest book sale, so come one and all to get some new reading material.

We’re definitely going to hit this up as we’ve proven ourselves incapable of returning a library book on time. We don’t mind paying overdue fees as we love books and support the necessity of local libraries, but we’d rather own the books we read so we don’t have to worry about a looming due date. It stresses us out!

This sale represents the best of both worlds – support for Summit County libraries and the freedom to read books whenever we want. Wow, that sounds great!


In birthday news, we want to give a shout out to Breckenridge resident and Summit Daily staffer Erin Tracy who turns an unknown age on St. Patrick’s Day Wednesday.

Happy Birthday, Erin! May the next year treat you well, and we hope you drink some green beer in celebration.


In gum news, we’ve lost our gum again. This time we were trying to blow a bubble and we accidentally spit it out while driving.

It flew in a great arc across our passenger car seat and disappeared. Please note that we’ve lost our gum a lot – once down our shirt where it stuck to our stomach for an hour before finding it, once in our friend’s car on the way home from dinner, a few times at home and now this!

Man, someone (meaning us) needs to take control and ban gum from our life.


We’re out, searching for a pot of gold while skiing in our T-shirt. Because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. With the luck of the Irish, we’ll be blessed with awesome (and warm) ski weather for the rest of the season.

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