Summit Up 05-17-10: Mud-season travelers |

Summit Up 05-17-10: Mud-season travelers

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column loving mud season and automobiles.You see, without a car mud season couldn’t be what it is to so many of us – a time to leave a still muddy, or snowy, or rainy Summit County for warmer climates.We like trucks even better, as they allow us to pack bikes, coolers full of yummy food, a tent, sleeping bags, maybe even a camper’s kitchen. It’s the BEST for camping extravaganzas!We recently spent a few nights in Unaweep Canyon – a beautiful alpine desert area near Grand Junction with amazing red cliffs and trees lush with leaves newly green from the spring rain.Where do you like to go during the mud season? E-mail us a and tell us about your best May trip. We’d love some new ideas.***We recently received an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Lisa Wildeman of Dillon. She wrote: “Kudos to Steve and Carrie Marsh of High Country Auto Repair. A plastic part broke in the hatch of my SUV. As opposed to ordering a whole new gizmo that would have cost me $300, Steve found the broken pieces, repaired them and made my hatch work again! On top of that, he repaired a light on my visor, did an oil change and Carrie let me borrow their car while they worked on mine. Kudos to Carrie and Steve for being so customer oriented!”That is pretty awesome. Getting your car fixed up can be both frustrating and costly. We love to hear warm-and-fuzzy stories about successful auto shops. It gives us hope in a world filled with auto horror stories.***And another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! came in from Diane Hunt of Frisco.She wrote: “Driving down the mountain from Eisenhower Tunnel toward Dillon yesterday (May 14), I came around a curve and hit a large boulder in the middle of my lane. My air bags inflated, I hit the median and ended up in the left lane with my car so damaged I couldn’t drive it. Two men from Canyon Glass & Mirror (Idaho Springs) stopped, ran across I-70 to help me and wouldn’t leave until they got me to safety and pushed my car across the lanes of I-70 to the right shoulder. They wouldn’t give their names, just said to call them when I need any glasswork. I can’t thank them enough for their help!”This too made us feel all happy and grateful for the good people who live in our state. It seems like there’s always someone willing to help when there’s trouble. Keep it up!***We also recently got a message from David J. Undis, the executive director of LifeSharers, which is a nonprofit national network of organ donors.He wrote: “The generosity of live organ donors is wonderful. It’s a shame we need so many live organ donors. Americans bury or cremate 20,000 transplantable organs every year. There is another good way to put a big dent in the organ shortage – if you don’t agree to donate your organs when you die, then you go to the back of the waiting list if you ever need an organ to live. Giving organs first to organ donors will convince more people to register as organ donors. It will also make the organ allocation system fairer. About 50 percent of the organs transplanted in the United States go to people who haven’t agreed to donate their own organs when they die. Anyone who wants to donate their organs to others who have agreed to donate theirs can join LifeSharers. LifeSharers is a nonprofit network of organ donors who agree to offer their organs first to other organ donors when they die. Membership is free at or by calling 1-888-ORGAN88. There is no age limit, parents can enroll their minor children, and no one is excluded due to any pre-existing medical condition. LifeSharers has over 13,800 members, including 230 members in Colorado.”***We’re out. Dreaming up our next camping trip.

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