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Summit Up 1-10-11

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that got so excited about the digital world of Tron: Legacy that, just like this guy, we imagined ourselves racing along the grid on our very own light cycle in post-viewing excitement.

We’re not sure if that Honda motorcycle has always been there in the Skyline Cinema lobby, but it sure gave us a kick when we dropped off our 3D glasses, turned the corner, and BAM! there she was. With a grown man perched atop it. A few noisy sound effects caught the evil eye from the theater workers at the counter – it was presumably not the first time they’d witnessed this. But who can blame those who leave with such a thrill at their latest moviegoing experience? The sounds and sights – and lights – from the movie can really linger.

We admit, we went into the flick not thinking much of it. The trailers make the movie appear plot-less, as if it’s all just a bunch of flashy lights and trippy graphics in a world that loosely mimics our own.

But we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of plot there actually was in the movie. And let’s face it, you put a few attractive people in there, including a rather young-looking Big Lebowski, and you’ve captured the audience, plot or not. There is the light versus dark, young Jeff Bridges versus old Jeff Bridges, the isotopes or whatever that little plot tangent was that provided Mr. Bridges’ character, Kevin Flynn, access to Quorra, a beautiful sidekick-turned-love figure for Flynn’s son… It was all so delightful – for someone not expecting much.

And therein lies the key to enjoying movies, especially those you have to pay upwards of $40 per couple to go see: Have low expectations. We know that sounds hokey and not a very fun way to live life. But, well, in today’s world of viewing entertainment where there’s often more garbage than gems, sometimes it’s the best way to keep up the enjoyment level instead of being constantly disappointed.

OK, OK, enough of that soapbox and back to Tron, because we know you’re still hanging on our every word. May we recommend watching the nearly 30-year-old original before heading to the theaters to see the new flick? It’s an interesting preview – and a great refresher of where our digital world was so short a time ago.


On a completely and totally different note, we’re pretty stoked around here for Ullr Fest in Breckenridge, what with its myriad of crazy events, such as yesterday’s chance to skate with Ullr at the Breck ice rink.

It’s every year about this time that we get our encounter with the Norse god, all in an effort to plead more snow out of him. We seem to be off to a good start with a few inches of snow already on the ground after what seemed like prolonged blue skies.

And heck, we sure are looking

forward to the painted bodies of Tuesday’s Tuaca Body Art Ball at the Riverwalk Center. We’re not exactly sure what to expect, but the website’s video looks pretty cool.

Then there’s the parade on Thursday – we seem to remember photos of various ski bums toting crumpled paper bags… we wonder what was inside them. Hm…


Well, we’re all out of space. Have a just dandy Monday!

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