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Summit Up 1-13-10

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is brought to you free of steroids, every day. Yeah, time was we had this cocktail of enhancers prescribed to us by our comedic advisor, but then we found out it was really just Diet Dr. Pepper cut with Robutussin and was actually acting as a kind of placebo. Once, we accidentally placed the brew too close to the old-timey whale-oil light we use to make us feel all writer-y, and the stuff created a cloud of peculiar smoke in the shape of Pat Sajak. We swore off Dr. Pepper after that.

But all this steroid stuff about Mark McGuire – what’s the big deal? Why don’t they just tell athletes to take whatever performance-enhancers they want, and may the best team’s chemist win? Eventually you’d have dudes so big they’d just sorta explode at the plate as they battered-up. You’d have to have rules like “no home run unless it’s actually out of the park” – none of this just over the wall stuff like wimpy batters now.

Anyway, we’re sick of hearing about it, and we don’t understand why athletes can’t just chill. Must be the money clouding their judgment …


Recently we’ve been asking readers about the crossword puzzle, and we have a few more opinions. Bonnie in Dillon says:

“I’m a long time Summit Daily fan and crossword puzzler. I love having the solution on the same day, as sometimes the box that has my papers runs out and I miss a day. I vote for an easier puzzle on Sundays too! Thanks for the consideration.”

But wait! Leah Arnold likes the NYT Sunday puzzle and says: “NO NO NO!!! PLEASE don’t take away the NY Times crossword on Sundays – it’s the best part of the Summit Daily (except Summit Up, of course.) I look forward to it every week. Add an easier one if you must, but please leave us serious crossword junkies a challenge. Sorry I missed the day-of vs day-after answer debate last week — definitely a big fan of the day after. I have to cut out the answers every Sunday, because it’s just too hard not to see them. And I don’t need them.”

Hmmm … sounds like we’ll probably keep things as they are for now, seeing no clear consenus. As we noted earlier, we change the answers in response to what we thought was popular demand. And we added the NYT Sunday puzzle some years ago in response to reader demand (it’s not cheap, either). Since we don’t have room for another, easier puzzle on Sundays, we suggest ya’ll bone up on your xword puzzle skills and take a break one day a week from that wussy puzzle we usually run!

We out.

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