Summit Up 1-14-11: Not worried about the weather |

Summit Up 1-14-11: Not worried about the weather

Special to the DailyBarbara Campbell brought a copy of the Daily up to 18,190 feet atop the summit of Kala Patthar in Nepal in November. That's another li'l peak called Everest in the background.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s not worried about the weather. Really, what are you going to do about it? It is what it is, to deploy an oft-used biz cliche, and nothing we say or do will alter it either before, during or after.

We were thinking of how much fretting and hand-wringing accompanies the weather when we perused some of the pix from the latest East Coast snowstorm. This guy here is in Connecticut, and he looks none too pleased with having to get out the snowblower, the orange hunting mask thingy and the one-piece work suit. After all, he’s probably thinking, if I wanted all this crap I’d’ve moved up to Vermont years ago!

But yes, weather, it occupies so much of our time. No matter what’s going on in the world, in our community, in our household, we’re always concerned with the number on the thermometer and what might be coming down on our heads. Of course, in our case often we’re stoked when stuff is coming down. We’ll deal with the plowing, the shoveling, the cold and whatever else just so long as A) we have good snow to slide around on up on the hill and B) others think we have good snow and they come here and spend lotsa money.

It’s just the way it is: For us snow=$$! But in Connecticut, where this poor schlub is doing his thing, snow=pain-in-the-ass and little more. C’est la vie …


OK, check out this great photo Barbara Campbell sent us! As far as we know, this is the highest a copy of the Daily has ever been, but we’ll let Barbara tell the tale:

“I spent November trekking through Nepal. The photo shows me on the summit of Kala Patthar (18,190) Nov. 10, catching up on my SDN reading with Mt. Everest in background. This peak affords you the best view of Everest while in Nepal. I hiked to Everest Base Camp the next day. It was pretty quiet with just one expedition camp set up for a Russian group. Much evidence of stone platforms remained, where climbers had erected their tents before us. There was no litter to be found, as is often reported. The Khumbu Ice Fall and glacier are breathtaking but very treacherous and scary looking to see up close. As inspired as I am by hiking regularly with the Summit Seniors, being that close to Everest made me appreciate how exceedingly difficult it is and that climbing it will never be on my ‘bucket list.’

“I also returned home with a new found appreciation for our airlines customer service. On our return when arriving at the Lukla airport, it was full of people who had been waiting eight days after their flight were cancelled because of weather. There was no airline representative rebooking anything. The only way out was to negotiate with enterprising helicopter pilots and a wad of cash or hike six more days thru difficult terrain to get to Kathmandu. The airport looked like the film footage shot during the fall of Saigon. Total chaos. We actually sat in the grassy landing area for 3 days waiting to jump on a copter.”

Wow! Thanks for sharing the photo and the great story, Barbara! Glad you made it back.

We out.

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