Summit Up 1-16-13: Thinking of a simpler time |

Summit Up 1-16-13: Thinking of a simpler time

Special to the Daily/Diane Currier

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is a little annoyed by the recent trend of wedding websites (well, at least we think it’s recent, it’s not like we have very many friends that would consider inviting us to their special day).

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for people locking it up, it’s just that we can’t really see the need to create a special website just to tell everyone about it.

Isn’t it enough to just let everyone know on Facebook, pass out a few of those “save the date” magnets with cheesy pics of the betrothed and clutter everyone’s mail boxes with thrice-folded, lavender-scented invitations?

Ah, how we long for a more simple time, when all one needed was a few cows and a holy man (cows for the dowry and the holy man for the thumbs up) to seal the deal.

We’re pretty sure that every rice farmer wedded in ancient Egypt didn’t insist that all his friends check out a special papyrus scroll chronicling the farmer’s and his soon-to-be wife’s time along the Nile and inevitably sappy way they fell in love. Now that we think about, that might not be such a bad read:

“Horus was raised in the heart of the Nile flood plain, tending to his father’s grain concerns until joining Pharaoh’s army following his 12th birthday. It was while in the service to the sun god at the Battle of Kadesh that Horus met his one true love, Nefertiti.

“Nefertiti was a full-of-life daughter of a Hittite grain merchant. When Horus took her as a spoil of war, he also stole her heart. By selling Nefretiti’s two younger brothers, Horus was able to purchase his now-booming farm where the couple will reside.”

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Really, you think that’s how it used to go down?

SU: Well, we never claimed to be historians, we just try to bring a little sunshine to this little corner of the world.

That’s about all we’ve got today. Get out there and enjoy this balmy weather, we hear it’s supposed to get into the 20s today.

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