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Summit Up 1-17-11

Special to the Daily/BRC

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that tuned in to Saturday Night Live for the first time in awhile this weekend – and could count (it was a low number) the times we laughed during the 20 minutes we dedicated to the show before simply giving up.


Some of us here at the Summit Daily remember the days with the actors and actresses who are still with us (either physically or in our continued appreciation of their work): George Carlin, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Steve Martin, Jodie Foster, Ray Charles, Hugh Hefner, Chevy Chase, O.J. Simpson, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, The Doobie Brothers, The Blues Brothers, James Taylor … oh, the list goes on.

Now, what do we have?

Well, we won’t get into it, for fear of sounding complainy and irritable. You’re welcome.

What we did laugh hard at, though, was a drunk Pee Wee Herman interacting – not kindly – with a not-so-serious Anderson Cooper. It was just such a weird juxtaposition we couldn’t help ourselves.

We weren’t quite sure what the skit was all about, though. Let’s just send out good vibes to those skit writers and hope it’ll help them pull it together and produce something uncontrollably funny and entertaining.


So, we understand the MLK holiday had a good turnout for the ski resorts.

We understand that because of how far back we had to park in the lots to get where we needed to go. In some cases, the free lots were full!

Phew! That meant some of us took our own advice and hit the trail instead. Remember that story from last week? About the locals who avoid the crowds by going snowshoeing or cross country skiing or skinning in the backcountry? Yup, we joined ’em this time around.

We welcome you along next time. It was pretty cool to check out the tracks up on Lily Pad Lake and guess what made them. And to test the ice – which got frighteningly slushy at one edge of the lake. No real need to have snowshoes or skis, either. If you trust the tread on your boots and there’s not much new snow, you’ll likely be able to stick to the trail and make it a good ways.


Well, we don’t know about you all out there, but we feel a wee bit teased by the flurries coming down throughout the weekend.

Luckily, snow’s in the forecast, and the Weather Service is talking 80 percent chance of precipitation for the next few days. Good. But how much?

Well, there’s the ultimate question of life in the High Country – the answer’s not 42 in this case, we don’t think, but some say it might come close to about half that. Maybe a foot or two? That’s what says. Here’s hoping!


Speaking of snow, the annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships are coming to “The Kingdom” once again Jan. 25-29. After Ullr Fest and Oktoberfest, this is easily one of the coolest events the town has to offer. It’s a rite of passage to go check out what teams from all over the world can create with just hand tools. The championships are looking for

volunteers to help with snow stomping, office tasks, technical aid, merchandise sales, program distributors and much more. Positions are available inside or outside. Shifts are available beginning Jan. 18 through Feb. 6, with the competition occurring Jan. 25-29. If you are interested in signing up to volunteer, contact Michelle Gehr at or call (970) 547-3100.

Team Lithuania took home gold last year with ‘Milite Est Vita,’ a textured sculpture of a gloved hand holding up the ‘V’ sign symbolizing the fragility and temporary nature of victory … every day is a fight. (Below.)

While we can’t help but favor the local Breck squad a bit, here’s wishing all the teams the best of luck in this year’s competition.

With that, we gotta run. Happy Monday!

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