Summit Up 1-19-11: Where it snowed so hard once … |

Summit Up 1-19-11: Where it snowed so hard once …

Vail Resorts/Carl ScofieldOld-timey Breck photos showed people walking around in snow caves. The modern version are shots featuring people with "mounds o' Ullr pride" atop their vehicles.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s still digging out after that big ol’ Ullr sneeze Monday and Tuesday that blasted us with a ton of snow. Holy cow! It reminded us of the old days when …

(flashback music)

(old-timey-sounding guy)

-It used to snow so much we had to walk around with snorkels on just fer breathin’!

-Time was, so much snow fell on the roads that we had to fit our cars with tank treads – snow tires just didn’t cut it.

-Back in the day, it snowed so hard that the birds would get knocked outta the sky by the flakes, so we’d have all this snow coming down mixed with confused, unhappy birds! An’ you try plowin’ and shovelin’ snow when it’s mixed up with a bunch-a angry birds! Tell that to kids today, an’ they won’t believe you …

-In that one year, it snowed so furiously that Ullr himself came down from the clouds and started bitching about having to shovel snow in his driveway, and how Missus Ullr was on him about letting up a bit on the white stuff cuz she had to get to the market.

-Once upon a time, it snowed so heavily that the snowshoe hares took to wearin’ snowshoes!

OK, enough of that. Here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Cindy Madonna, who gets the Cool Name O’ the Day Award and writes thusly:

“My car died on Highway 9 in the left-hand turn lane turning on to CR 450. I thought it ran out of gas and asked a nice young man named Mike in the 7-Eleven for some help. Fuel didn’t help and he ended up towing my car into the 7-Eleven parking lot and trying to give me a jump and then towing me to a spot that was out of the way. I tried to give him some $$$ but he would not accept my offer. I just wanted to say thank you and what a awesome community we live in and how much I appreciate his help on such a snowy afternoon.”

Nice! Enjoy those angel wings, Mike, and feel free to deploy them when we’re in the 7-Eleven next and we want an extra pump of cheese sklarge on our nachos. We remember back in our Boulder college days at this one 7-Eleven, there was this non-angelic old crone who used to watch us like hawks to make sure we didn’t pump too much cheesy sklarge. Come to think of it, we’re not even sure 7-Eleven has nachos anymore, since we haven’t been in one of those since we quite smoking in 1998 …


And then there’s this from Marty Dick in Silverthorne:

“Riders on the B lift at Copper Sunday were amused by a banner held by two skiers standing on the West Encore run. It read: ‘Bethany, will you marry me?’ We didn’t hear her response, but one guy on the lift said he would!”

There’s been a lot of this going around this winter! We guess a ski lift is as good a place as any to propose in a public fashion, if that’s the way you roll. If anyone knows what Bethany said, shoot us an e-mail at


We hope some of you got out on the mega-powder day. There’s more to come, we’re sure. We out.

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