Summit Up 1-20-11: Buried in the basement |

Summit Up 1-20-11: Buried in the basement


NOTE TO ONLINE READERS: We’re referring to the fact that today’s column in our print edition is tucked into the lower left corner of the page underneath the calendar listings. Why not imagine you’re holding an actual newspaper in your hands and try to play along for max effect?

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that comes at you from a sort of newspaper rathskeller today. Yep, all you advertisers out there didn’t buy enough ads, so the paper is teeny, which means we had to share the page with the What’s Happening calendar.

Oh, the depths to which we’ve sunk! Next thing you know we’ll be relegated to the sports agate page after the statistics from the Albanian cricket tournaments. Or we’ll end up mixed in with the classifieds, sandwiched between an ad for an old, dirty mattress and a pair of 80s vintage Marker bindings.

Thursday’s always been small paper, we’re not sure why. We guess people are saving up their ad dollars for the weekend or something.

Anyway, we do have room for a few things, like this Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Ted Johnson in Frisco, who writes thusly:

“Hats off to Roger Hollenbeck of Breck who provided Snowbikes for free to Copper employees last week during Copper Employee Appreciation events. Roger and his team provided free demo and rentals of the amazing Snowbike and introduced a new term ‘Moto’ for the crazy single track ride thru the trees which was a fantastic way to chase the boarders thru untracked snow. If you have not tried a Snowbike then jump on board and l can guarantee you a great ride, if you are up to it, take the bike down the half pipe, we did and it was quite a ride. Contact Roger at:


This just in: “AIS Media asked people a rather personal question: do you ever use Facebook on your mobile device while you’re in the bathroom? According to the results, nearly one-third (27 percent) of survey respondents say ‘yes.’

“Among those that answered “yes”, AIS Media’s survey found that Facebook usage on mobile devices in the bathroom was higher among women with 54.4 percent of female respondents admitting to doing it compared to only 45.6 percent of male respondents. Usage in the bathroom was greatest among the 30-49 age category.”

We’re not sure what to make of that other than to observe that sitting and having both hands free would certainly lend itself to such pursuits! We out.

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