Summit Up 1-23-10 |

Summit Up 1-23-10

Soupy Sales

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is trying to put things in perspective as we watch blue skies take over and we read about big snowfall down south … again! We were thinking back to our childhood, when we skied at Stowe, Vt. all the time and, often as not, the skiing took place on hard-as-nails snow in between patches of blue ice. And that’s no exaggeration. While we’re sure the conditions at Stowe have improved over the years with modern grooming and snowmaking techniques, we know that, typically, even a relatively crappy snow year in Summit County is better than a good year back there.We could also compare what we have now to, say, Florida. Sure, they may have gotten a good freeze down there that caused the geckos to fall right out of the trees, but what kind of snow conditions can they brag about? We definitely beat Florida hands-down (whatever that means). On the other hand (there’s that word again!), we were looking at some national ski reports and noticed that some ski areas in weird places like North Carolina have bases of up to 100 inches. There’s even a place in Indiana (Indiana!) reporting a base of up to 70 inches. What the heck? We’re going to Indiana!Just kidding. It’ll snow. Soon. Maybe today. Who knows?***We’ve been on a little theatre binge lately and have to tell you that, if you’re looking for something to do tonight, our local theatre companies are kickin’ it! Just opening at the Lake Dillon Theatre is “Moon Over Buffalo,” which is a fast-paced farce that’s a ton of fun and stars the famed Bob & Wendy Moore. Tix at or at (970) 513-9386.Also playing over Breck way at the Backstage Theatre is “All In The Timing,” which is a bunch of silly-smart shorter plays. It’s hilarious, and one you shouldn’t miss. Tix at (970) 453-0199.We are very fortunate to have two such great community theaters in our county, so get out there and see some live shows and support the arts, goldarnit!***Karen Cook wrote to let us know that today is National Soup Swap Day. She writes:”It is a fun tradition to start, and considering the weather in Breck, I am sure people would love to have some good soups in their freezers! Check out the website:”Thanks for the head’s-up, Karen! We were just checking out the website and it looks like a pretty cool idea. It’s based on the notion that, when you make a big pot of soup, you get kinda sick of eating it after a few days. So what you do is cook up a big batch, put it into a bunch of smaller containers, then host a party in your ‘hood where everyone else brings their different soups. Then you tell about your soup and draw numbers out of a hat, picking all different soups until they’re gone. You show up with six quarts of your soup that you’d soon be sick of and leave with six different quarts of all different soups – some you may never have tried before.Obviously, you can do this whenever you want, but we guess today is the day to really think about hosting or participating in a soup swap. All the skinny is on the website, so check it out!Our only concern about this is that we just recently divested our kitched of all plastic containers and went to those glass Pyrex things, which are awesome. This Soup Swap thing could be hard to fit into our “no more evil plastic bowls” dealio.***Well, here it is another Saturday. We’ll be out doing Summit County kinda things, like skiing and snowboarding and kite-boarding and snowmobiling and practicing luge and biathalon and all those other winter sports for which we’re known. Yep, we’re gearing up for the ‘Lympics, which are just around the corner. Is anyone going? We’d like to hear from you about how you worked it out, why you’re making the trip and all that. Tell us your ‘Lympic plans at a fine weekend, folks.We out.

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