Summit Up 1-24-11: Where we’re amassing snow karma points |

Summit Up 1-24-11: Where we’re amassing snow karma points


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s on a caffeine buzz and is marveling at our world of liquid amp available at our fingertips.

Yup, we hit up the convenience store for our daily dose, opting for the dark chocolate mocha Starbucks frappacino over the collection of Red Bull, Monster, Amp, Rockstar, Full Throttle, Burn, Doubleshot, and other fun-sounding beverages in the fridges – including the classic, Coca-Cola.

And now, we’re a hyped-up, jittery mess.

We are amazed by the massive enterprise built up around coffee in the United States. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, we’re pretty sure – but don’t quote us!

Coffee cups, coffee stirrers, coffee insulators, coffee to-go mugs, coffee cup holders (for cars), coffee cup and holder engineers – has anyone decided at this point that reading and/or saying the word “coffee” over and over again makes it look weird? – coffee creamers, CoffeeMate … now there’s an industry that’s a multi-million dollar industry in and of itself. How did CoffeeMate become such a (delicious) fad? Maybe for that very reason, because it’s delicious. And, like everything delicious, it’s probably also somehow bad for us. Until that study comes out, though, we’ll keep at it.


And that, by no stretch of the imagination, brings us to our next point, an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Frisco’s Carrie George:

“On my way home from Silverthorne Saturday night, I had to stop for oncoming traffic in the Frisco exit round-a-bout. Unfortunately, my tires could not get enough traction on the hill, and I was going backwards – if moving at all. Thankfully, a very nice and helpful lady pulled over for me, even got yelled at by a not so nice driver, to help push me up the hill. I did not catch her name, but I want her to know that I am very, very thankful!”

Way to go, dear mysterious angel. In these days of tons of snow, we think everyone should be on the lookout for someone who needs help. Ya never know, that good karma may come around. It was just last week that several Summit Daily staffers had low-clearance, two-wheel-drive vehicles that were stuck in our very own parking lot.

A lot of hard work pushing and fellow staffers got ’em free – and lo and behold, just a week later one of those staffers was stuck in a snow bank and needed a tow. Thank goodness for good karma, or else we’d still be eating sushi over in our sister town of Winter Park! Now, that’s a lot of sushi.

Gotta run.

Happy Monday!

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