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Summit Up 1-26-10

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to remind all you lovers out there that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We know it’s still a few weeks off, but due to the nature of the gift we’re suggesting for your sweetheart this year, we think you should have ample warning.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: What the heck? It’s hard enough to remember V-Day the night before, as we scramble to make dinner reservations, poke around in the florist shop for something we can afford and make a card with crayons and construction paper!

SU: Well, in that case, you’re probably not even close to being prepared to adopt a sea turtle for your sweetheart. But, just in case you can get your ducks in a huddle, here’s the dealio:

For a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more, Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) will send that special person a sea turtle adoption kit including: a personalized Certificate of Adoption, a Sea Turtle Conservation Guide, a membership window cling, a sea turtle sticker and hatchling magnet – all in a colorful, keepsake sea turtle folder.

How can you beat that? There’s a “window cling,” fer cryin’ out Pete’s sake!

MSUR: Holy crow! We love sea turtles and so does our sweetheart! Quick, give us the skinny!

SU: All you need to know is at Go nuts.

Speaking of sea turtles and sweethearts, our mate is always making us cut up those plastic six-pack holders before we put them in the trash so that they don’t end up strangling some otter or sea turtle some day. Dutifully, we do this, but we always wonder: What are the odds of this six-pack holder, which is heading to the landfill in Keystone, is going to somehow make it to the ocean 1,000 miles from here and hassle some poor sea turtle? (And what if, irony of ironies, it was the one we adopted for Valentine’s Day?)

We’re not sure. But to be safe, we clip those things into a million pieces when we have them to dispose of – which, thankfully, isn’t too often anymore.


So here’s something of an internal Scum Alert! going to out some website out there that, believe it or not, is doing this rip-off Summit Up column. We won’t mention the site, but we find it amazing that someone would be so uncreative that they can’t come up with their own stupid column. This website even uses Summit Up-branded phrases and expressions, starts off in a similar fashion and tries (and fails) to be half as funny as the real, the original, the tried-and-true greatest daily column in the world.

Hard to believe, eh? We say, cease and desist, o pale imitation! You’re only embarrassing yourself.


Pretty good skiing out there now, eh? Finally we got some new stuff to perk up our slopes. We were out at Breck on Chair 6 Sunday and found all kinds of nice conditions. We’re hearing good reports from folks just in from skiing Vail and Wolf Creek as well. Couple more good dumps and we’ll really be on our way.

With those happy thoughts in mind, we’ll sign off for now. Have a good one.

We out.

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