Summit Up 1-26-13: Found dogs and flying frogs |

Summit Up 1-26-13: Found dogs and flying frogs

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s wondering what one has to do in order to get paid to study frogs.

That’s right, frogs, the inspiration and kin of the world’s most famous Muppet. A recent find near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has brought to light a new, previously unknown species of flying frogs. Actually, it turns out there are a variety of flying frog species, so named for the flappy skin found around their webbed feet, which they use to parachute among the trees from branch to branch. Vietnam’s forests are also host to the strange “vampire” flying tree fog, whose tadpoles hatch with little black fangs – no joke! Has Hollywood heard of this yet?

This latest frog remained unknown until some intrepid Australian amphibian biologist recently stumbled across them. The new species has been dubbed Helen’s flying frog, in honor of the biologist’s mother. Kids, that’s a lesson for you – find a new species, name it after your mom.

Amanda Acker sent in this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! that gives a shoutout to two gentlemen that helped a damsel in distress. Acker writes thusly:

“My name is Amanda and two weeks ago (Jan. 9) I was driving over Swan Mountain Road on a clear, but icy, cold evening to a meeting in Frisco. As I was ascending at an appropriate speed around a slight turn, my back (bald!) tires just slid out from under me (fishtailing) and cause me to overcorrect and I ended up parallel parked on the opposite side of the two-lane road, facing traffic! Thank goodness there was no one coming the other way when I went into the other lane. After a moment of panic and relief, two fine gentlemen named Bastion and Jay stopped to help me. Bastion pulled me back to the road with his tow rope, while his passenger-friend Jay went ahead around the corner to pause traffic.

As my boyfriend, working in Breck, has no car, this really was an angel stopping to help another traveler in distress! I am so thankful for the courtesy of these guys, and even though I have not heard from them since, I owe them so much, if anything else, a beer.”

May an overwhelming flood of good karma descend on these two fine men.

A furry Summit County resident also has reason to celebrate. Adventurous bearded collie Emmy, who has been running around Frisco for the past two weeks, was finally live trapped by the fine folks down at the Frisco Animal Shelter and reunited with her people yesterday.

So give your fuzzy pals a big hug, a scratch behind the ears, and make plans to treat them to a juicy snack or a snow-filled romp in the park. All that fur will come in handy when snuggling up once the temperatures drop. We out.

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